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Q: Is five eighths bigger than twelve twentieths?
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Related questions

Is seven eighths greater than five twentieths?


Is bigger the five eighths or three eighths?

5/8 is bigger.

Which number is bigger five eighths or three eighths?

5/8 is bigger.

What is three and nine twentieths plus two and five eighths?

6 and 3 40ths.

Is five and one fourth bigger than five and three eighths?

No it is not. 5 and 3 eighths are bigger by one eighth.

Which is bigger the fraction five eighths or eight fifths?

The second is bigger.

Which is bigger three fifths or five eighths?

5/8 is bigger.

One and one half minus five eights?

1½ = Twelve eighths so the answer is seven-eighths

What is nine twentieths minus one fourth?

One fourth is five twentieths. Nine twentieths minus five twentieths is four twentieths. Four twentieths is one fifth.

Which is bigger the fraction five eighths or three fifths?

5/8 is bigger

Is nine eighths bigger than five fourths?


Is two fifths bigger than five eighths?

No. Two fifths is equal to 0.40, while five eighths is equal to .625

What is bigger three sevenths or five Eighths?


Is one and one half bigger than one and five eighths?

One and five eighths is bigger than one and a half.

What is twelve wholes minus five eighths minus one fourth?


Which fraction is bigger five over twelve or three over eight?

five over twelve is bigger than three over eight

Which one is bigger two thirds or five eighths?

two thirds equals 0.6 and the six goes on and on. five eighths equals to 0.625 so that means two thirds are bigger.

Is five eighths bigger than one fourth?

yes yes it it

What is twelve and one half minus six and five eighths?

5 and 7/8

Is five eighths bigger than ten twelves?

Nowhere near. Five eighths is less than one whereas ten twelves is one hundred twenty.

Is seven eighths bigger smaller or equal to five sixths?

Seven eights is slightly larger then five sixths.

What is bigger seven eights five sixths or eighteen twenty fourths?

seven eighths

What is twelve wholes minus five eighths?

It is: 12-5/8 = 11 and 3/8 or 11.375

What is five eighths subtract one quarter?

One quarter is two eighths, so five eighths subtract two eighths is three eighths.

Which is bigger five eighths or 0.58?

5/8 is the larger. 5/8 = 0.625 as a decimal.