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Same thing.

58/10 = 5 and 8/10

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Q: Is five ones and eight tenths or fifty - eight tenths?
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Is five ones and eight tenths greater than fifty-eight tenths?

5.8 is equivalent to 58/10

How do you write five ones and eight tenths as a decimal?


What is the value of 4 in 8.54?

Hundredth. The 5 is five tenths, and the 8 eight units/ones.

How many tenths equal five ones and eight tenths?

So, the number you are given is 5 8/10 To calculate the number of tenths, you multiply the number of ones by the denominator and add it to the numerator Thus, 5 X 10 = 50 50 + 8 = 58 There are 58 tenths

How many tenths are there in half whole ones?


How do you write five million fifty six thousand one hundred and fifty?

5,056,150. five millions fifty six thousands one hundred fifty ones!

What is five ones and eleven tenths?

six and one tenth

How many hundredths are there in seven ones and five tenths?

There are 750 of them.

How many ones is 56 divided by 7?


Write 0.505 in word form?

0.505 = zero ones and five tenths and zero hundredths and five thousandths

How do you write 12.8 in word form?

Twelve point eight.Ten tens and two ones and eight tenths.

How do you put eight tenths in a place value chart?

First few places in place value chart: (Thousands) (Hundreds) (Tens) (Ones) . (Tenths) (Hundredths) (Thousandths) If you have eight tenths, then it would just be: 0.8

How many tenths are in 5 ones?

fifty 50 x 1/10 = 50/10 = 5 = 5 x 1

How do you write 5193 in expanded form?

Five thousands 1 hundreds 9 tenths 3 ones

4 ones how many tenths?

4 ones equals 40 tenths.

What does 200 hundredths equal in tenths and ones?

20 tenths; 2 ones.

How do you write two hundred forty-one and five tenths?

You can write two hundred forty-one and five tenths as: 241.5.Remember that place value is always: Thousands, Hundreds, Tens, Ones [decimal] Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths.

How many tenths equal 5 ones and 8 tenths?

58 tenths (58/10)= 5 ones and 8 tenths(5 8/10)

What is 6.325 iin short word form?

Six ones and three tenths, two hundredths, five thousandths

How do you write thirty two tens fifteen ones two tenths five hundredths in standard form?


How do you write 788 in word form?

Seven Hundredths Eighty Tenths Eight Ones

How many tenths are ther in 2 whole ones?

There are 20 tenths because there are 10 tenths in one whole.

Which president served two full terms but fifty seven days short of eight years?

big ones

3 ones and 5 tenths equal how many tenths?

5.3 tenths

How many tenths and ones are in 18 tenths?

One 1, 8 tenths

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