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one third is equal to 4 /12ths so 5/12ths is greater than 1/3rd

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Q: Is five twelfths greater than less than or equal to one third?
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What is one third plus one twelfths equal to?

five twelfths

Is Three eigths greater less or equal to five twelfths?


What is five twelfths plus one third equal?


What is two and one third divided by five and five twelfths?

Two and one third divided by five and five twelfths = 28/65

Four twelfths plus five twelfths equal?


Are one fourth and five twelfths equal or not?


What is ten twelfths equal to?

Ten twelfths reduces to five sixths, which is the same as 83.35%.

Is seven eighths is greater than five twelfths?


Which is greater five eighths or nine twelfths?

Expressed as a decimal, 5/8 is equal to 0.625, while 9/12 is equal to 0.75. Therefore, 9/12 is greater than 5/8.

Is five sixths bigger than four twelfths?

Yes, five sixths is bigger than four twelfths (simplified: one third).

What is 4 and 5 over 12 minus 5 and 11 over 12 equal?

Four and five twelfths is 53 twelfths, five and eleven twelfths is 71 twelfths so answer is "minus eighteen twelfths", ie -1½ or -1.5

What is one third plus one twelve?

five twelfths

Would 5 eighths or 8 twelfths be greater?

five eigths

What is equal to five twelfths?

5/12 = 0.4166... recurring.

Is ten twelfths equivalent to five sixths?

Yes. Two twelfths equal one sixth, so it follows.

Is five twelfths bigger than one third?

yes If we convert a third into twelfths, it turns out to be 4/12, so yes, 5/12 is bigger.

Is five twelfths greater than or less than one fourths?


What is the decimal equivalent of five-twelfths?

The decimal equivalent of five-twelfths is 0.41666.

Is five twelfths less or greater than one half?

!less by one twelfth

Is seven twelfths greater than or less than five sixths?

less than

How many twelfths equal five sixths?

10/12 ====

What is five twelfths plus five twelfths?


What is five twelfths of 36?

Five twelfths of 36 is 15.

What is four twelfths equal to?

one third? two sixths? three ninths? five fifteenths? six eighteenths? 33%? i could go on forever...

What decimal is equivalent to eleven and five twelfths?

The decimal equivalent to eleven and five twelfths is 137 twelfths.