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No. Four cubed means four to the third power.

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Q: Is four cubed the same as four to the fourth power?
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Is a number to the third power cubed?

Yes. "Cubed" means the same as "raised to the third power".

Is 18 to the third power cubed?

18 to the third power means the same as 18 cubed, which equals 5,832.

Is ten cubed the same as ten to the second power?

No, it is not the same. Ten cubed is ten to the third power or 10x10x10 or 1000. Ten to the second power is 10x10 or 100.

What is 0.03 to the fourth power?

That's the same as 0.03 x 0.03 x 0.03 x 0.03. The "fourth power" means that the same number appears four times as a factor.

Does 5 to the fourth power have the same value as five times four?

No, whoever answered this before was stupid. 5 to the fourth power is NOT the same thing as five times four, so it's not going to have the same value. 5 to the fourth power is 5 TIMES 5 TIMES 5 TIMES 5 which is 625. 5 times four is five PLUS five PLUS five PLUS five PLUS five, which is 20. 625 is greater than 20.

Ten to the fourth power is the same as what?


Is four seventh the same as one fourth?

no. four sevenths is over one half and one fourth is half of one half so how would one forth and four sevenths be the same?

When changing cm to the third power to ml what is the third power used for?

in cm, the third power means that its is in 3 demensions. so, something that is 4cm to the third power would be the same size as four blocks of wood, where each block is 1cm long, 1cm thick, and 1cm tall (the three demensions of volume). when converting cm cubed(to the third power=cubed) to ml, however, the formula would simply be 1cm cubed=1ml

Does 9 to the 3rd power equals 9 cubed?

Yes, they mean the same thing.

Is one fourth greater than four eighth?

it is the same

Is 1 cubed equal to 1 to the third power?

Yes, because cubed means to the third power, so 13 = 1, just as 1 to the 3rd power does. The same is true for any other number, as well. For example: 53 is the same as 5 to the 3rd power, which is 125.

What is 162 to the fourth power?

162 to the power of four equals 688,747,536

How do you solve a number to the negative power?

it's the same as 1 over the same number to a positive power. 2 to the power -3 = 1/ 2 cubed = 1/8

What is the 4th cube number?

Of the natural numbers, the smallest (excluding 0 and 1 which are the same to any power) cubes are: 8 (2 cubed), 27 (3 cubed), 64 (4 cubed), and 125 (5 cubed).

What is a four letter word with the second and fourth letter the same?


What is a four letter word with the third and fourth letter the same?


How do you find one fourth of a number?

Divide the number by four. (One fourth is the same as one quarter.) One fourth of 8 is 2. One fourth of 16 is 4. One fourth of 100 is 25.

What 3 to the power of 3?

3 to the power of 3 is the same as 3 cubed. To put it in an equation that would be 3x3x3 which equals 27.

What does eight cubed mean?

Eight cubed means: 8 x 8 x 8 = 512 Eight squared is: 8 x 8 = 64 Eight to the fourth power would be: 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 = 4096 it is the same as 83 (if you didn't know how it looked)

What is 10 to the fourth power multiplied by 10 to the fourth power?

10 to the 8th power. Note: you keep the base number the same and add the exponents if the base is the same number only. It's 100,000,000 or 100 million.

Why does 9 cubed equal 9 to the power of three?

because when you cube a number you are multiplying itself by itself by itself which is the same as to the power of three.

Is 0.00036 the same as 3.6 times ten to the fourth power?

No it is ten to the negative fourth power. If the number is greater than 1 it is to a positive power, if the number is smaller thann 1 it is to a negative power.

Why does zero power is equal to one?

To divide a number raised to one power by the same number raised to a nother power, you subtract the powers; eg 5 cubed divided by 5 squared is 5 to the power (3 - 2) ie 5. If you divide 5 cubed by 5 cubed then you have 5 to the power (3 - 3) ie 0, but 5 cubed divided by 5 cubed is 1 hence 5 to the power zero is one. This calculation holds good for any non-zero number. If you are satisfied with this reply please consider awarding a Recommended Point to the responder.

What number can be raised to the second fourth and eighth power and still get the same answer?


9z to the fourth power?

It is the same as: 9*z*z*z*z