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yes four thirds is greater than three fourths as 4 third is bigger than one whole and 3/4 is not if you have a look. 4/3 has a smaller denominator than the numerator so that means it is bigger than 1 whole. 3/4 has a bigger denominator than the numerator so it is less than one whole.

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Q: Is four thirds greater than three fourths?
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What is the product of three fourths and four thirds?

i don no

What is the multiplicative inverse of three fourths?

Four thirds

Is three fourths greater than four tenths?

three fourths is greater Yes, it is. 3/4 > 4/10 Three fourths is 87.5 percent greater than four tenths.

What is the reciprocal of negative three fourths?

Negative four thirds

What is greater four thirds or 3 fourths?

4/3 is greater.

What is two equivalent frations for five fiths?

three thirds, four fourths

What is three fourths times one half plus two thirds times four fifths?


What is two thirds of four and one fourths?

one and four sixteenths

What is greater four fifths or two thirds?

four fifths is greater than two thirds four fifths is 80% Two thirds is 66.666666666666666666666666666 etc.

Is three fourths greater than four fifths?

yes it is cause it has bigger space then 4/5

What are all the fractions that greater than three fourths?

Fractions greater than three fourths include four fifths, five sixths, six sevenths, seven eights, eight ninths, and infinitely many more others.

Why is it necessary to regroup four and one four if you subtract three-fourths from it?

It's not necessary, but it might be helpful because three is greater than one.

What is an equivalent decimal to three fourths?

Three fourths = three divided by four = 0.75

What is the answer to four times six and three fourths?

The answer to this question is 18 and three fourths.

How many three fourths are in three?


Is two fourths greater than four eighths?


What minus two and three fourths equal four whole?

six and three-fourths

Is two fourths greater than four ninths?

Yes. Two fourths is 12.5% more than four ninths.

What is the least common denominator of three fourths and four fifths and two thirds?

The LCD of 3/4, 4/5 and 2/3 is 60.

Is 66 equal to two thirds?

No, two thirds is a fraction (2/3) equal to 0.6667.Just think of fractions as division problems. For example, three fourths (3/4) is the same as three divided by four, which equals 0.75

What is four and one fourths plus three and two fourths?

7.75 OR 7 3/4 OR seven and three-fourths

What is four and three fourths divided by one fourth?

Four and three fourths divided by one fourth = 19/1 or 19.

By what fractional part does four-fourths exceed three-fourths?


What are the four methods of the formal amendment?

There are four methods of formal amendment. They include: 1. An amendment vote by two thirds of the legislators in both houses and three fourths of the state legislatures. 2. Proposal by Congress, followed by ratification by three fourths of the state legislatures, held at a special convention called for this proposed amendment. 3. A national convention where the amendment is proposed that is called by Congress at the request of two thirds states' legislatures. 4. An amendment proposed at a national convention, then ratified by three fourths of states conventions.

What is three eighths two thirds and four fifths from least to greatest?

three eighths, two thirds, four fifths.