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Frequently implies more oftern than occasionally so yes.

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Q: Is frequently more than occasionally
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How do you spell occassionlly?

Occasionally : at times, sometimes. (less than "frequently")

A guy friend asks you to hang out frequently and has a good time with you and will lean in or casually touch your arm or hand occasionally in conversation could he be feeling more than friendship?

It sounds as though he may be interested in you.

If someone loves you will they glance at you frequently?

If their worth your interest, it will be more than frequently.

Occasionally your 93 prizm will turn over without starting it runs great once it is started but is having problems more and more frequently?

have your battery tested

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What does WikiAnswer manufacture?

Frequently, a whole lot of ballyhoo. Occasionally, a good answer or two.

Do males get angry more frequently than females?

yes males are more aggressive

Are more frequently in the US than any were else in the world?


How can you describe frequently in five words?

much more often than not

In trials do juries award more than offers from lawyers?

Yes, it occasionally occurs.

What are women more frequently diagnosed with than men are?

major depression disorder

Why does Secondary succession happen more frequently than primary succession?