Is getting a 237 in nwea good?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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That depends on if you are talking about Math, Reading, or Language.

It also matters about the grade level of the student. I am in sixth grade and I got a 231 in Language, I don't even know if that is good or not, but I do know that most of the goals were around 220, mine was 218. Some of the kid's Math goals were 240 or over but it all depends on what he or she got last year too. The math goal usually raises by around five, and the reading and language goals raise by about three points.

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Q: Is getting a 237 in nwea good?
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What is the highest score for a 6th grader on the NWEA?

I know some who got a 289 nwea score in 5th.

What is the highest nwea score?

I think you can get a 300. I know a fifth grader who got a 289 on a math nwea test. Hope this helps!

Where does a 272 rank grade level in NWEA?

A score of 272 in NWEA typically falls within the 9th grade level range. Keep in mind that NWEA scores may vary by subject, so it's important to consider the specific subject area when interpreting the score.

Can you score 500 on a nwea test?

It might be possible... if you are very smart!:) I know someone in fifth grade who got a 289 on a math nwea test Hope this helps! :)

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Ofcourse that is. Most people i know get 254 or higher in eight grade. You achieving that in sixth grade is pretty impressive. :)

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