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Well, it wouldn't make any sense if you spelled it guestofhonour, would it? It is three words.

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Q: Is guest of honour one word or three?
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How many syllabels does guest have?

The word "guest" has one syllable.

Is honour an adverb or noun?

Honour is a noun. It is a quality of honesty, fairness, or integrity in one's actions or character.

Should I bring a gift at restaurant birthday dinner or do the guests pay for the person's bill whose birthday it is or both?

If you were invited to a birthday party at a restaurant by someone other than the Guest of honour, then check with them. Generally speaking the host is the one to pay for the guest of honour. You should be prepared to pay for your own meal and drinks and bring a gift for the guest of honour unless the invitation says "no gifts" in which case a card is appropriate.

Make sentence for guest?

Here is one sentence for the word guest; The hotel had a new guest check in today.

Explain the origin of the term hospitality?

The word hospitality is derived from the Latin word hospes, meaning "guest, visitor, or one who provides lodging for a guest or visitor."

How should guest be spelled in the case of Guests rubbish only?

You have spelled it correctly - There is only one way to spell the word 'guest' !

How many syllables the word three has?

The word, "Three" has one syllable.

Is religious a one syllable word or a three syllable word?


Is the word inasmuch spelled as one word or three words?

three words

Word form of 3.100?

three and one tenth or three point one

What is one word for cut into three?

The word is trisect.

What is the English word 'guest' in Italian?

Ospite is an Italian equivalent of the English word "guest."Specifically, the Italian word is a feminine/masculine noun. It may be preceded by the definite article l' ("the") or the indefinite un' ("a, one"). The pronunciation is "OH-spee-teh."