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less, if it is a fraction of a half, it cannt be a whole

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Q: Is half of a half plus one third of a half greater than less than or equal to half of a whole?
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Which is greater 2.5 or 2 whole number and 1 half?

They're equivalent, equal, and identical.

Which is greater a half of a fourth or a fourth of a half?

They are equal!

How many half notes equal a whole notes?

Two half notes equal one whole notes.

What is 68.50 to the nearest whole number?

When rounding, if the number is greater than or equal to half, you round up. So 68.50 rounded to the nearest whole number is 69.

What is greater one third or one half?

The answer is one half, think of it like this, take two apples cut one into three equal pieces (thirds) and the other into two (halves), half an apple is bigger than a third.

What is greater 200 g or half kg?

Half kg is equal to 500g so half kg is greater than 200g.

Is one third equal to one half?


Which is greater-half of a quarter or quarter of a half?

Neither is. They're equal.

2 half-dollars equal?

Two halves equal a whole 2 half-dollars equal $1

What two fractions equal 2 whole?

1 half plus 1 half equals a whole

How many half tbsp equal tbsp?

2 half tablespoons is equal to 1 whole tablespoon.

Is one third closer to a whole?

One third is closer to a whole than one quarter, but farther from a whole than one half.

Is one third closer to one whole or o half?

1 half

Are one half of half and one third of three quarters are equal?

Yes, they are are.

How many sixteenth notes equal a half note?

16 sixteenths equal one whole. So 16/2 = 8 sixteenths = half a whole.

Is one half greater than one whole?


Does two third equal one half?


Does one half equal to two third?

No. It doesn't

How many half steps equal a whole step?

2 half steps equals 1 whole step

What does a half note equal?

It is equivalent to half a whole note, or two beats.

What is the relationship between two numbers?

There are infinitely relationships that can be defined, such as: equals is greater than is greater than or equal to is less than is less than or equal to is a half of is a third of is a quarter of and so on is c times where c is any number, positive or negative; is greater than c times, etc

Is one sixth less than one third?

Yes. One sixth is one half of one third to be exact. Two-sixths are equal to one-third, three-sixths is a half, four-sixths is two-thirds, five-sixths is exactly what it is, and six-sixths is a whole.

What are two consecutive whole numbers that are equal to 20.5?

Not possible, two whole numbers can't equal to a number with a half.

What is a half divided by one third equal?


Does thinking of five equal parts help you to find 1 third of 1 half?

No, it doesn't help you at all. It just gets in the way. Think of a whole giant candy bar cut in half, and one of the halves cut in three equal parts.