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Q: Is humulin r is similar to apidra?
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How are rotting logs similar to burning logs?

They both r logs

How do the dimensions and volume of similar rectangular prisms compare?

If the ratio of the dimensions of the larger prism to the smaller prism is r then the ratio of their volumes is r^3.

How to find area of rectangle on coordinate graph?

Suppose the sides of the rectangle ABCD are not parallel to the axis. Then if A = (p,q) and B = (r, s) then by Pythagoras, |AB|2 = (p - r)2 + (q - s)2 from which AB can be calculated. Calculate BC in a similar fashion and then area = AB*BC If AB is parallel to an axis (say the x axis), then q = s so that q - s = 0 and |AB|2 simplifies to (p - r)2 + 02 so that |AB| = |p - r|

How do you add similar and disimilar fraction andminous?

I have no idea what andminous means!Two fractions are similar if they have the same denominator. So, given the two fractions p/r and q/r, their sum is (p+q)/r. You need to check whether or not this can be simplified.If they are dissimilar (not disimilar!) fractions then you need to rename them first so that they have the same denominator. Some schools insist that you use the least common denominator (or the least common multiple), but this is not necessary. For two fractions, simple cross-multiplication can be easier. Thus a/b + c/d = ad/bd + bc/bd = (ad + bc)/bd. Again, you need to check whether or not this can be simplified.

What are the axioms of similarity?

Similarity isreflexive: x is similar to xsymmetric: if x is similar to y then y is similar to x.transitive: if x is similar to y and y is similar to z then x is similar to z.

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Why would a person need to take humulin r what it's humulin r for?

Why would a person need to take humulim r

Can humulin N and humulin r be mixed in the same syringe?

yes it can be mixed as long as the doses is less than 35 /cc

Why is insulin a over the counter drug?

I am from The United States other country's may have different laws. Insulin is sold over the counter due to the fact that people with Diabetes don't always have a prescription for the medicine yet they still need to take it to live. In my area these insulin's range in price from $40-$60 There is a list of insulin sold over the counter such as Novolin N, Novolin R, Novolin 70/30, Humulin N, Humulin R, Humulin 70/30, Humulin 50/50and so on. There is a list of insulin NOT SOLD OVER THE COUNTER. Apidra, lantus, Novolog, Humalog ect. So in fact it would be murder if you could not purchase insulin over the counter. Although if you have no money and you need insulin it would seem that you might be out of luck or life.

does Apidra cause weight gain?

does Apidra cause weight gain?

What type insulin is used for diabetic ketoacidosis?

Regular Insulin (Humulin R)

What is humulin?

Humulin is a form of insulin used in the treatment of Diabetes. Humulin is a bio-synthetic human insulin product that was approved for use by the US Food and Drug administration in 1978.

Can you take apidra and lantus together?

Yes you can take both Apidra and Lantus together. Lantus is a Basal insulin taken once a day at the same time each day, and Apidra is a meal time insulin that you take to control blood sugars after you eat. Your doctor will prescribe these types of insulin's to you once your pancreas efficiency has reduced.

When can you take apidra insulin?

0-10 minutes before a meal.

What is the difference between humulin insulin and reliOn insulin?

Relion Humulin is the exact same thing as Humlin, but Relion Humlin is manufactured exclusively for WalMart.

Which insulin starts with the letter a?

Apidra is the brand name of insulin. It begins with the letter A.

When does humulin n 35 peak?


Are humulin 70 30 and humulin n insulin interchangeable?

No, follow your doctor's orders with insulin dosages. Too much insulin can cause an unsafe drop in blood sugar.