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ICIX is not used; if it were that is 99 (IC) +9 (IX) = 108 which is not a 2 digit number

99 is the maximum two digit number; in Roman Numerals, that is


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Q: Is icix is correct greatest two digit number in roman?
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What is greatest one digit number when represented roman numeral?


What is the greatest three digit number in roman?

999 is IM Roman numerals = 1000-1

Is xcix is the greatest two digit roman numeral number?

No, "XCIX" is not the greatest two-digit Roman numeral number. The greatest two-digit Roman numeral number is "XC" which represents 90. "XCIX" represents 99.

Greatest 2 digit number in Roman numerals?

The greatest value two digit number in Roman numerals would be [MM] with a horizontal bar placed above it, which would represent the number 2 Billion. In generally used Roman numerals MM represents 2000.

What is the greatest two-digit number that has the most number of Roman numeral symbols?

88, rather nicely uses 8 characters in Roman numerals: LXXXVIII.

What is the greatest two-digit number that has the most number of roman numeral?

It is: 99 = LXXXXVIIII later changed to XCIX in the Middle Ages

What is the roman number for digit 1?


What is the least two-digit number that has least number of roman numeral?

The number 10 has a roman numeral of X. The number 50 has a roman numeral of L. These are the only 2 digit numbers with a single value.

What is the least two-digit number that has the least number of roman numerals symbols?

The Roman numeral for 10 is X

Is the roman numeral II correct for the number 2?

Yes, that is correct.

What plant has a two digit number in it?

IV = ivy(4 in roman numerals).

What digit is not represented in roman numerals?

The number 0 it was 'invented' centuries later.