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No. The power 2, which denotes squared, is one of an infinite number of possible values for the index. Indices (or powers) can be negative, fractional, irrational or even complex.

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Is index the same as squared?
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Are squared feet and feet squared the same thing?

The terms 'squared feet', 'square feet' and 'feet squared' have the same essential meaning.

What is the french word for index?

the same, index.

Is squared and power the same thing?

Yes squared and powered are the same thing.

Is cos squared x the same as cos x squared?

No. Cos squared x is not the same as cos x squared. Cos squared x means cos (x) times cos (x) Cos x squared means cos (x squared)

What is the maximum value of the Herfindahl index?

10,000 is highest HHI because 100 squared= 10,000

What is the answer to -43 squared?

(-43)2 = 1,849(same as +43 squared)

What is negative seven squared?

49 same as positive seven squared

What is negative pie squared?

The same as pi squared, which is roughly 9.86960440109

What number is equal to 144 when it is squared?

when 144 is squared it is the same as 12

What is 3.4 squared?

3.4 squared is the same as 3.4 x 3.4, which is 11.56.

What is A squared minus B squared?

Same as (A-B)x(A+B)

Is a minus b squared the same as a squared minus b squared?

No, unless "a" happens to be equal to 0, or to 1.

Will 2 cubed be the same as 3 squared?

No, 2 cubed is not the same as 3 squared. 23 = 8 32 = 9

Is table content the same with index?


What is 14 squared?

14 squared is 196It is the same as 14 times 14 = 196

What are similar radicals?

similar radicals are radicals with desame index and radicand ex: the square root of 5 squared

How do I convert a house which 24 square meters into meters squared?

They mean the same thing. Square meters is the same as meters squared.

If A squared plus B squared equals C squared and C equals 8 and A and B are the same length what are A and B?


What is squared math?

"Squared" means that something is multiplied by itself. For instance, 5 squared means the same as 5 times 5.

Is tan squared x equal tan x squared?

Yes. Both expressions are the same.

What is the expanded notation of 3 squared?

3 squared is the same as 3 times 3 = 9

Is the height of an equilateral triangle the same as the side lengths?

No. 1/2 base squared + height squared=side squared on an equilateral triangle.

What is 81 in index form?

9 squared ?

What is a golf index?

A golf index is the same thing as a golf handicap - it measures a golfer's ability.

When a squared plus b squared equals c squared what is the square root of the square root of the square root of a squared squared squared plus b squared squared squared?

Since a squared plus b squared equals c squared, that is the same as c equals the square root of a squared plus b squared. This can be taken into squaring and square roots to infinity and still equal c, as long as there is the same number of squaring and square roots in the problem. Since this question asks for a and b squared three times, and also three square roots of a and b both, they equal c. Basically, they cancel each other out.