Is iron heavier than plastic

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Yes iron is very much heavier then plastic.

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Q: Is iron heavier than plastic
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Is iodine heavier than iron?

No, atomically Iron is a heavier element

Which is heavier lead or iron?

Iron is heavier than lead. The density of iron is around 7.86 g/cm³, while the density of lead is around 11.34 g/cm³, making lead less dense and thus lighter than iron.

What is heavier iron or silica?

Iron is heavier because iron is a metal and metals are heavier but silica is not a metal so silica is lighter than iron.

Is an iron nail heavier than a wooden stool?

It depends on the size and weight of the nail and stool. Generally, an iron nail is heavier than a wooden stool because iron is denser than wood.

How are elements heavier than iron are formed?

Elements heavier than iron are formed in super-nova explosions.

Is neon heavier than iron?

No. Neon is lighter than iron

Is plastic heavier than aluminum?

Aluminum is heavier than plastic. Aluminum has a density of about 2.7 g/cm3, while plastic generally has a lower density depending on the type of plastic.

Is gold heavier than plastic?


What element is heavier than Iron?


Is iron heavier or lighter than aluninum?

Iron is more dense.

What happens when two nuclei that are heavier than iron are fused?

The two nuclei's are lighter than iron then when they are fused together they will release energy. If the two nuclei's are heavier than iron they will absorb energy when fused.

What elements are formed in cool stars?

Elements that are formed in cool stars are heavy but not heavier than iron. (Elements that are heavier than iron are formed in a supernova.)