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If you are referring to a porcelain or plastic ceiling light fixture most do not have a place to connect the ground wire. You cannot ground these type fixtures. Just connect the ground wire to the mounting crossbar and forget about connecting it to the light itself. It is on the ceiling and will never be touched unless you change the bulb and then you will have the switch in the off position. It is perfectly safe.

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Q: Is is ok if the lighting fixture ground wire is wrapped around the bottom of the chain and the ground wire from the light box is connected to the ground screw on the mounting crossbar?
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Can the power be turned on when electrical wires in a lighting fixture are not connected and just loose?

no because DE are not connect together

What is a electrical luminaire?

A lighting fixture

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Lighting fixtures vary from model to model. No matter what fixture it is, most are marked up 400%.

What type of conductor should be used for wiring on fixture?

The conductors on and in the lighting fixture should have an insulation rating of 105 degrees C. The supply conductors to the junction box that the fixture is hung from or connected to should have an insulation rating of 90 degree C.

What does watt mean in lighting?

It is the consumption that the fixture uses. It is found by multiplying the voltage the fixture operates on by the amperage the fixture draws.

Light fixture does not turn on when connected to ceiling with power?

Is this a fluorescent fixture? Most fluorescents will not start if the fixture is not grounded. Make sure the fixture has the branch circuit ground wire properly connected.

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Where does the bulb sit in a bronze pendant lighting ceiling fixture?

A small bulb is placed inside the open cage of a bronze pendant lighting ceiling fixture. One can purchase these lighting fixtures at Home Depot or Lowe's.

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Any fixture that takes a tungsten filament bulb is an example of incandescent lighting.

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