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I'm sure that average speed would be easier to calculate than instantaneous speed. To calculate average speed, just take the time that it takes to travel between two points, and divide that into the distance between the points.

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Q: Is it easier to calculate speed or average speed?
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You can calculate the average speed of an object by?

the speed

How do you calculate the average speed of a swimmer?

The same way you calculate the average speed of any object. You divide distance by time.

How to calculate the average speed of a bus?

The average speed is the ratio between the distance and time.

What is useful to calculate an object's average speed when it does not travel?

If it "does not travel", the speed is zero. Not much to calculate there.

How do they calculate average speed?

Average speed = (distance covered) divided by (time to cover the distance)

How do you calculated average speed?

you calculate average speed by dividing the total distance to the total time.

The formula used to calculate average speed?


Why can you only calculate a stone's average speed during its fall?

That is just not true! If you can calculate its average speed you should be able to calculate its speed at any point in time during its flight, including its final velocity.

Why is the average speed the easiest to calculate?

the average speed is the total distance traveled divided by the total time.

Can you use average speed to calculate the speed of an object that is moving at a constant speed?

Yes. If an object is moving at a constant speed the average speed and the constant speed are the same.

How do you calculate time with speed and acceleration?

Average acceleration = Change in speed/time so Time = Change in speed/Average acceleration

Is speed that does not vary is called average speed?

No, speed can vary and one can still calculate the average speed of an entire trip. Average speed is equal to the change in distance divided by the change in time.

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