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Yes it is because you are a minor, but she could take you to court and let the courts deal with you if you have caused a lot of trouble at home like running wild, doing drugs, are a runaway, abusive mentally or physically towards on or both of your parents. Child Welfare will be brought into it by the courts and the 15 year old could be put into Foster Care until they are no longer a minor.

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Q: Is it illegal for your mother to kick you out at the age of 15?
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Can you get kicked out at the age of 15 in New Mexico?

No. it's illegal to kick a minor out. Contact the police or Child Protective Service.

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It is not illegal to have a baby at fifteen in Pennsylvania. It is however illegal to engage in the sexual contact necessary to produce a baby while the mother or father are below the age of eighteen.

IS it legal to kick your 15 and 17 year old sons out of the house if they dont pay me rent Is it even legal to kick your 15 and 17 year old sons out of the house at that age?

18 is the age of majority. "Kicking" them out would constitute failure to provide the necessitation support. Meaning it is illegal and would be Child Abuse (Neglect). Parents may ask children to obey their rules, but to withhold food and shelter, that is neglect and illegal. Hope that helps.

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Wrong and illegal to try.

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Can your mother kick you out if your 15 and pregnant?

If she wants to, but if she's understanding she'll likely want to help the teen through it.

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no country has an age for "dating" so its not illegal as long as there is no sexual activities.

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It is illegal to have sex with any minor if you are an adult. Even if you are 15 it would be illegal for you to have sex with anyone below the age of consent.

What happens if the boy is 21 years and the girl is 15 years old?

A 21 year old is an adult and a 15 year old is below the age of consent so a sexual relationship is illegal. In some states the age of consent is 16 and in others it is 18, so no matter where you live 15 is still illegal and below the age of consent. The adult can be charged with rape of a minor child.

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no, but it is a bit messed up! sex would be illegal if u are the girl and are 15: If the boy is 18 and likes a 15 yr old, that is a bit weird. what about girls his age.

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Just be careful, she's not at the legal age of consent, that could be trouble for you.

Can a mother of a 15 year old kick her out of the home?

Okay, im 15 and my mom tried kicking me out too, she is not allowed to kick you out, you are still a minor, you can live with her until your 17 but if your 18 and get kicked out your screwed, unless when your 14 shes puts you up for adoption then she can do that, but that would be a dick move of her,

Is it illegal to date someone 15 when your 19?

No mater how much you like it is illegal the legal age is 16 so just wait one more year Legal in the UK, but sex illegal below 16.

You are 15 and this guy you like is 20 would it be illegal if you date each other?

It not illegal to date him but if you have sex that would be considered rape and he would be put into jail since you are under age.

Is it illegal for an 18 year old to get a 15 year old pregnant in Washington?

If she is below the age of consent for Washington then yes.

In Canada if you are 15 years of age and pregnant can your parent or guardian kick you out so you've become homeless?

No in Canada even if you are only 15 years the parents or guardians can not and should not kick you out of the house, as these are troubled times for the girl, so kicking her out will not solve anything , so they should be sensible.

Is it illegal for a 21 year old to date a 15 year old in America?

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Is it illegal to question a minor without a parent in Virginia?

It is illegal to question a minor in Virginia. In Virginia it is illegal because minors have a right to their freedom and teenagers over the age of 15 have the right to do what they want because Virginia is a state of freedom and wisdom.