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yes.very important. math and science

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โˆ™ 2009-05-27 23:45:05
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Q: Is it important to know basic math skills to be a doctor?
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What are the basic skills of softball?

The basic skills of softball are you need to know how to throw, catch, hit, and run. You dont really know how to do anything else because there is not many basic skills.

What skills would you need to be a Gp?

you need good qualifications, i am a qualified doctor and i know all about doctor skills.

List and describe the basic skills needed to play a game of basketball?

You have to run, know how to dribble, know how to shot, jump, rebound, and most important be coordinated.

Why is it important to know your rights?

It is very important to know the basic human rights. It is important because there are people who will take advantage of those who do not know their basic human rights.

What is the basic of working at construction site?

For working at a construction site, it is very important to know the safety rules and regulations. Also basic math is needed, as well as skills with ones hands.Ê

What skills do you have to know about snowboarding?

Just do the basic first..Which is find your balance.

What is a sentence using the word skills?

To go camping out in the wilderness, you have to know the basic survival skills.

What math skills are important for health care?

Basic math skills are important because many things associated with health care need to be measured and recorded. The most essential skills would be basic addition and subtraction. Then you would need some simple multiplication and division. You will also need to know how to tell time and know the relationship with seconds, minutes, and hours. These will help you do necessary things like measure pulse and blood pressure. Plus be able to administer medications in the correct amounts.

What are some basic skills for beginner gymnasts?

I need this info really badly for a close friend who does gymnastics. She is intermediate, though she needs to know basic skills in the class also. Help me!

How old is a cat?

If you know when the cat was born and have some basic math skills, you can figure this out.

Why are Listening Skills important important to a business?

because you have to know what is i about and you have to remember those things.

What skills are needed to become a pathologist?

you need to know the basics of being a doctor ect

What skills should a global teacher have?

The teacher Must have basic knowledge and know how to address the students

Basic skills used in volleyball?

Serve, power hit, and toss bounce. XD I know what they are but I don't know what they're called. (-_-)

Why are tesco job skills important?

because they can do there job but if they don't have the skills they would not know what to do and they would have problems with the job.

How smart do need to be a doctor?

Doctors are typically among the most intelligent people. However, more important than just intelligence, becoming a doctor is the result of many years of study and work. A doctor has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience and the skills to know where to find more information when it is needed.

Do you have to have jrotc experience to go to the army?

no..but its highly you'll already know the basic skills,thinking,formative skills,motivation, and the whole 9 yards.

What skills are required for Division I gymnastics?

it depends on the gym, but usually u just need to know how to do basic stuff.

Why is it important for the doctor to know the difference between Hiv and Aids?

The reason why the doctor needs to know the difference between AIDS and HIV is because HIV is the cause for AIDS.

Why is it important to know basic parts of the cell?

because if we could know the parts of the cell,normally,what is the use of microscope?..........

Why is it important to know what the difference between Mental retardation and LD?

Talk to a doctor.

What are some of the basic things you have to know at cheerleading tryouts?

Every school has different requirements. You will need to know, or they will teach you: a cheer, a dance, and maybe a chant. You need to know jumps: A toe-touch, a pike, and a herkie. Basic tumbling skills never hurt.

What is the importance on knowing how acidic or basic a substances?

Sometimes if we accidentally eat or drink something,we should know if that thing is dangerous or not.We need to know if that thing is acidic or basic( Chemistry deals with acids,bases etc).so that's why it is important to know if that thing is acidic or basic to know if it is safe or not

Skills of a cashier?

You should be extremely organized! Know how to execute basic math fairly quickly. Never steal from your employer!

What are the basic skills of netball?

don't run with the ball, don't go offside (know the positions) and don't contact others.

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