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It is normal, yes. "Playing the field" is perfectly okay, but remember that the girls are human beings and deserve respect and consideration. Responce :- But i dont wanna be "playing the field". I love my girlfriend and ive aksed her to marry me. She said we were both too young to make those decisions. But i dont wanna be feeling this 4 her twin sister. Just my opinion, but its normal (physically) to be attracted to more than one girl but I don't think you can love two people with exactly the same strength of emotions.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-24 00:02:39
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Q: Is it normal to have strong feelings for more than one girl?
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The word strong feelings is that good?

Strong feelings can be good feelings or bad feelings that are more intense than average, for example, hate is a stong feeling and love is a strong feeling.

Does Bella have feelings for Jacob?

She has really strong feelings for him but she denys them to be with Edward who she claims she has more feelings for. but you can tell from the movie

What does havind strong feelings for someone mean?

Having strong feelings for someone means that there is more than a friendship bond, and possibly a romantic attraction.

Is Sexual Feelings normal?

Sexual feelings are wayyy normal! If you like a boy/girl or you just see someone you think is attractive it is more than average to feel sexual things, or think sexual thoughts about them. The growing up part comes when you have the chance to act on your feelings or thoughts because its not always right and you need to know how to control your hormones.

WhoHas more feelings boy or girl?

the person with most feelings is a girl becasue they cry alot when they are mad and boys just fight when they are mad

How do you stop a girl from being obsessed with you?

If you want a girl to not be obsessed with you any more tell her without hurting her feelings.

What does she mean when she says her feelings have grown?

it could mean that her feelings are more strong like its not that sensitive as it was before, she understands more, or/and her feelings might be more tame, like she doesn't get pissed off that much and take the situation calmly, or like she doesn't spazz out but think of a way instead.

What is a possible reason for the girl's hopelessness?

Hormones, depression or just normal teenage angst. If the feelings of hopelessness last more than a short time you may want to see your medical provider or a counselor.

Will it help to get a girl if she knows you like her?

yes. it definatley will. the girl needs to see your feelings for her and then its more likely she'll fall for you.

Is it love when you like a girl and have feelings for her after 2 days since you knew her?

If you are having strong feeling of romance for a girl only after 2 days of knowing her then you are not experiencing true love it is more of an infatuation. True love come after time especially after you have had time to get to know her completely.

My boyfriend talks to me but talks more to another girl what do i do?

Tell him about your feelings about this. If she loves you, he will change.

What do you do when you like a girl and so does your friend and you're all friends?

Talk to your friend about it more> Let youre feelings be known, and let the girl make her decision, Just like in A normal situation. Then, if youre friend is not up for that, then he needs to grow up some.

What if i like a girl but im 11 of age?


How can you tell if a girl is playing with your feelings?

You can tell if she is paying more attention on your wallet than your face.

Should a boy and girl be a couple?

If they have more-than-friend feelings for each other, then yes.

Is it normal for you intimacy to decrease in a relationship?

It's normal that after some months or years intimacy may decrease. That's not what is important. If the feelings are decreasing (which still isn't uncommon at all), then it's probably best to either find a way to rekindle the feelings, or end the relationship. If the feelings are still strong, then it's still normal for intimacy to decrease. As you become more used to somebody (especially when living together), they become part of your everyday life. When the other person is no longer 'new' to you, the heat found early in relationships can die down a bit, but (once again) the feelings shouldn't die down at all if in a healthy, good relationship.

How to get a girl to confess her feelings about you?

You should just be straight up and ask her about her feelings, that is the only way you will get a proper answer. You shouldn't try to pressure her either, she will confess her feelings if she wants to, and it will be more truthful than if you try to make her.

How do you know if your sexual feelings and behaviors are normal?

I guess you need to be more specific about what they to find out what other peoples reactions to them are.

What is normal blood pressure for a 17 year old girl?

in teenagers the normal blood pressure is slightly more than the adult's normal blood pressure . The normal blood pressure in a 17 year old girl is 120/80.

If your a girl and your best friends with a guy and another girl is it possible that he could have feelings for both of you?

It is absolutely possible for someone to have romantic or sexual feelings for more than one of their friends at the same time. The best way to find out is to ask them.

Do girls get spanked more?

Now because most boys are more stronger thin girls and can take the pain not that girl aren't strong because I am one and is strong.

Who has more sex felling girl or boy?

girls get more sex feelings than guys... once boy ignites a girl, she turns into forest fire.. very difficult to put off .

Who is adair tishler?

She was the girl who played as tara James in the American girl movie:Chrissa Stands Strong AND Heroes,grey's Anatomy, and more!!!

Is it normal for a 13 year old girl to have her period for more than two weeks?

No, it isn't! See a doctor, girl!)

You like a girl and she asks you out but you really like another girl a lot more but she lives miles away and would meet few times a year?

not really sure wat the question is here but if you like the girl who asked you out stick with her you may like her more than you think...besides if your gonna see the girl you like a lot more not that often your feelings for her will go away when you have a new girl in your life....about the girl hwo asked you out if you have feelings for her say yes because it takes alot of courage for most girls to ask a guy out....

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