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Q: Is it possible for different priority items to have different turnaround targets?
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When engaging multiple targets target priority is based on what factors?

proximity, threat, and opportunity

How do bullies pick their targets?

Bullies pick their targets by eather the small or different kids.

What are the specific targets of a hotel housekeeping?

to make sure the guests have the best time possible :)

Can you unscramble ertgsaet?

These letters can be unscrambled to spell the word greatest.The next longest word possible is targets.

Is the word game verb?

It can be a verb. it is possible to 'game' something, and an example occurs in the public service with excessive use of business targets. The people in the business 'game' the targets rather than considering the best interests of the business. When the targets are properly aligned to the interests of the business, gaming should not be necessary. However targets are usually set by those not best placed to set them.

How would you manage your individual targets against your team's sales targets?

How would you manage your individual targets, against your team's sales targets?

What are targets store hours?

It depends because every target store is different and it also depends where you are.

How do you score points in archery?

The targets have different point zones, just like throwing darts

How do you get link to finish targets on super smash bros?

it is too hard to describe something like that, but on all games it is possible.

What was the location of the atomic bomb targets?

There were, I believe six cities selected as possible targets, and they all had one thing in common-they were industrial centers. The final decisions were made at the last minute, largely depending on wind and weather conditions.

How do you get a score of 1000 in phil's training in kingdom hearts 2?

try to hit as many targets as possible and collect as many orbs as possible before time runs out. GOOD LUCK!

What are binding targets?

Targets that simply must be met.

What is the duration of Targets?

The duration of Targets is 1.5 hours.

What is the regulation dimensions for handgun practice target?

It depends on which target. There are hundreds of different types of targets available.

By what year do you want 60-80 percent reduction of greenhouse gases?

Under the Kyoto Climate change Treaty, different countries had different targets. The UK targets are for a 60 percent reduction (below 1990 levels) by 2050 and a 26 to 32 percent reduction by 2020.

What is moving video targets in archery?

a video of targets that move

How are the targets different between the first Red Scare and the second Red Scare?

first war come on 1734

What were the targets of the Japanese dureing pearl harbor?

The primary targets were the aircraft carriers. They were missing, so the secondary targets were hit; the battleships.

How do you prioritize targets and set timescales?

How to prioritise targets and set timescales

How many pages does Designated Targets have?

Designated Targets has 384 pages.

What were the different targets for the the bombs in world war 2?

Military Installations, Towns, Transport, Industry, Research Establishments etc.

What is the most frequent targets of arson?

The most frequent targets of arson is buildings.

What is sport shooting?

there are many types of sport shooting Trap- game where targets are thrown away from the shooter Skeet- game where targets are thrown the same way each time Sporting Clays- simulates different types of hunting situations Plinking- shooting at different objects Hunting- small and big game hunting

Who invented disc golf?

Disc golf was invented by many different people in many different places using natural targets. The earlist known disc golf was out of Saskatchewan Canada 1926. Ed Headrick of Wham-O invented the standardized disc golf targets called pole holes and started the PDGA.

Who gets bullied and why?

PEOPLE WHO GET BULLIED: *People who are different, either by choice or not by choice, and not in a particularly bad way. *People who are on their own. WHY DO THEY GET BULLIED? People who are different and are on their own are easy targets.