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Absolutely!but only from a philosophical viewpoint obviously! No.. don't think soNo I don't think the Truman show really exists. I don't think all of us human beings would be on a kind of reality show like that and one person or team making everything happen. First of all, if we were all to be on the show, who would direct it and make things happen? (sometimes, I try to imagine God in its place, because that's the only way I see God... ) And second of all, where would be that person that would be coordinating the reality show if the reality show would be on the entire planet, because it had to support all people? So.. don't think so.

But it would be rather fun, but otherwise, stupid and meaningless.

Answer: Truman show versus Your ShowThe concept that movie portrays certainly makes you think about it! It's like big brother is watching you!! I personally think people would love tuning into my reality show!

Note: Crystal changed "Is it possible that The Truman Show may actually exist and WE ARE ALL on it?" to "Is it possible that 'The Truman Show' really exists and that we are all on it?".

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Answer:This would certainly explain a lot in my life.


No. The Truman Show was canceled because of lack of sponsors. There is some talk of syndication where we may find ourselves on a cable station playing five days a week at dinnertime, and the original network has promised to release a DVD package where we might get some play time then. The movie producers are discussing a possibility of a "re-union" movie, but talks keep falling apart when it comes to royalties and back-end profits. In the meantime keep the faith, a comeback is certain.

NoIf we were, earth's greatest minds would have figured it out long before today and would have destroyed it.

Another thought:

a) I've heard the idea that our ability to create cyber-worlds is only limited by computer power and memory, both of which are cheaper and more available every day.

b) This implies that, eventually, cyber worlds will be created that are indistinguishable from 'Reality'.

c) As governments and businesses already run massive computer programmes to forecast business trends, weather, voting patterns, etc., it seems only logical that, as soon as the ability is there, there will be quadrillions of these cyber-worlds running.

d) It would be hubris of the first magnitude to believe that we are the first civilization to develop computers and cyberworlds, or that we will be the first to make them indistinguishable from 'reality'.

e) Therefore it is likely that there are billions of these 'worlds' already in existence, each of which has, to the perception of the inhabitant, equally 'real' characteristics.

f) It would be an act of even greater hubris on our part to believe that, out of all these worlds, ours is the genuinely 'real' one. The odds are staggeringly against it.

g) There might be clues that slip through the programming; belief in a creator without any rational evidence, Zeno's paradox (Calculus neatly bypasses it, but doesn't make it go away), the Copenhagen Interpretation, etc....

h) Truman, eat your heart out!

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Q: Is it possible that 'The Truman Show' really exists and that we are all on it?
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