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No, because 0.9 repeating is 1, which is an integer, not a "normal" fraction.

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Q: Is it possible to find a fraction that gives 0.9 repeating?
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What is 0.121 repeating in a fraction?

To find the fractional form for a completely repeating fraction, the numerator will be the repeating number and the denominator will be a number of nines equal to the amount of digits in the repeating number. Reduce if possible. Example: .121121121... = 121/999 .1212121212... = 12/99 = 4/33 .66666666... = 6/9 = 2/3 Hope that helped!

How do you change mixed repeating decimal to fraction?

First find the length of the repeating section of numbers. eg. For 0.678678678, 678 is the repeating section, and it's length is three. Divide this repeating section by the number with that many nines - for example in this case 678/999 = the fraction. Another example - 0.554755475547 = 5547/9999

How do you use long division to find a repeated decimal equivalency for 89?

89 is an integer, not a fraction. The repeated decimal equivalents are 89.000....(repeating) or 88.999... (repeating).

Which fraction has the least value?

There is no fraction that has a least value since it is always possible to find another fraction that is smaller.

What is 1.4 with a repeating sign over the 4 as a fraction?

When something is repeating, you can find the fraction by taking that repeating number and putting over 9s, one nine for each digit. In this case, the number repeating is 4, so only one nine is needed, and the decimal part comes out to be 4/9. Then the 1 in front needs to be added, so the answer is 14/9 or 13/9.

Does all the numbers have to repeat in order to be a rational number?

For a number to be rational you need to be able to write it as a fraction. To answer your question, it must repeat as a decimal or else terminate which can be thought of as repeating zeroes. Further, every repeating decimal can be written as a fraction and you can find the fraction by using the formula for the sum of an infinite geometric series.

Is it possible to find a fraction that is smaller than any other fraction?

no, because there is an infinite number of possibilities

What fraction is equivalent for .333?

The vulgar fraction equivalent to 0.333 is 333/1000, or 333 thousandths. If the number you are looking to find the fraction of is 0.3 recurring (that is, 0.33333..., repeating endlessly), this is equal to 1/3, or one third.

What fractions is nearest to 2?

There can be no such thing as a nearest fraction since, given any fraction, it is always possible to find a fraction that is nearer.

How is it possible to find a fraction smaller than another fraction?

No because the smallest fraction depeneds on how many parts you have for instance if the denominator is larger the fraction is smaller

What is the closer fraction near pi?

we can find rational numbers how much nearer to pi by constructing a number which has large repeating block as pi

How do you convert 22.3333333 into a fraction?

This depends on whether the the number is a repeating decimal. If the decimal repeats, find the fraction that is associated with the repeating decimal, in this case, 1/3. Then, if you want a common fraction instead of a mixed number, multiply 22 by the denominator and add it to the numerator to get 67/3. If the decimal does not repeat, try putting 223333333 over 10000000 and simplify it.