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Yes! Most girls get them. Is it big? Then it's called a boil. A boil is caused by a messed up hair follicle. Look up boils for more information.

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Q: Is it possible to have a zit in the vaginal area that is not STD-related?
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Can you have a zit in your ear?

yes its possible to have a zit on your ear

What are the differences between zits and herpes on the pubic area?

The difference is that a zit and herpes is that a zit in the pubic area perhaps could be due to ingrown hair or infected area. Usually has hair in the zit. Plug it out and you might just be ok. I rather you go to a doctor though. Herpes in the pubic area does NOT look like a zit. You have atleast 5-9 consecutive.blisters lined up together and will NOT have hair in the infected area. Hope it helps. Take care and God. Bless.

Can you use zit in scrabble?

if you mean the word "zit" then yes.

Can you get a zit on your gums?

It doesn't appear that you can get an actual zit on your gums, if it looks like a zit, get it checked out.

Can you get a zit on your head?

I have. It's normal. Like getting a zit in your nose or on your butt.

What is the birth name of Osman Zit?

Osman Zit's birth name is Osman Altinay.

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The cast of Zit kardesler polis hafiyesi - 1953 includes: Annie Ball Temel Karamahmut Sadri Karan Nergiz Mogol Leyla Nil Yildirim Zit Osman Zit

What is an easy way to pop a zit?

First of all you are never supposed to pop a zit! Popping a zit can lead to infection and its just plain gross! or you could always soak a needle in rubbing alcohol then use it to puncture the head of the zit, being careful not to puncture too deeply, then squeeze it slightly. After you pop the zit wash your face and hands thoroughly.

What is in a zit?


How do you suggest that I handle the zit under my scrotum?

how did you find that?? i dont know pop it like a nomal zit

What is a massive zit?

I think it is just a giant zit that's about to pop. I have one and it hurts like crazy...

What actors and actresses appeared in The Zit - 2005?

The cast of The Zit - 2005 includes: Alex Page as Timmy

Who holds the record for having the worlds largest zit?

Craig Campell currently has the record of the largest zit in the world. The zit is so large that is caused great discomfort and was located on the back of his neck.

How could a person get information on how to get rid of a giant zit?

Zits and pimples are caused by blockages of glands. Instead of popping them it is best to wash one's hands and face and pat dry with a clean towel. Apply an acne treatment to the zit and moisturize the area with a topical cream.

What are the uses of peppermint on skin?

I have no idea. If you put mint tooth paste on a zit for about an hour it will take the zit away.

Would you rather pop your boyfriends zit or like peanut butter off a hobo's foot?

Pop my boy friends zit all the way. Ant other suggestions? Erm. Pop a zit. Lol wat a weird question! Erm. Pop a zit. Lol wat a weird question!

Is it a good idea to pop a zit?

It is not a good idea to pop a zit. The reason one is not supposed to pop a zit is because anything skin is deliberately broken, it increases the risk of creating a scar or getting an infection.

What rhymes with Fitt?


Can you get a zit on your vagina?


Can you get zit on your genitals?


What is Swedish for zit?


How do you clear a zit?


Has Taylor Swift ever had a zit?

I'm sure Taylor has had a zit before, but since she's been famous, she hasn't.

What is the stuff that comes out of a zit?

Believe it or not , the white stuff that comes out of zits, are actually good for the zit. It's the naturaul way zits go away, its technically your body trying to get rid of the zit for you, so if you have a white head, dont pop it, because the white stuff coming out of it is only helping the zit go down.

What is the pus in a zit?

The pus in a zit is bactaria from all the dirt that is in the zit if you want it to go away don't pop it because it will flare up and your present, a scar so just use facewash or something helpful and it will go away