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30 litres of water weighs about 65 pounds, so a fit person should be able to lift it.

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Q: Is it possible to lift a 30 liter bottle of water and why?
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Can you lift a 30 liter bottle of water?


Can you lift a 30-liter bottle of water?

A liter weighs 1 kg; 30 l weighs 30 kg - that is heavy but most people over age 15 can lift it

How many newtons are needed to lift a 2 liter bottle of water?

If you and the bottle are anywhere near the Earth's surface, AND there's no other force working against you, AND the bottle itself weighs zero and you only have to lift the water, then you need to lift it with any force greater than roughly 19.6 newtons.

Could you lift a thirty liter bottle of water?

A liter is 1000 cubic centimeters which weigh 1 kg; 30 liters weighs 30 kg so it depends on how strong you are; most well fit young adults can lift this but need to be careful. Most children under 12 will not be able to lift this.

How do you make water bottle weights?

Fill a 2 litre bottle with water.then lift it

Could you lift a 30 liter bottle of water?

It would be difficult, since that is over 8 gallons of water, so the weight of maybe 1 and a half 5 gallon buckets. Remember that water weighs about 7 pounds per gallon.

Could a normal child lift a 30 liter bottle of water?

A child can hold up until 20grams (if they are babies,) It depends on the age of the child's age and strength really, but I think in a scientific way that a little child cannot hold up until 30 litre bottle of water.

How do you replace full bottle of water on cooler?

Lift the empty bottle out of the water cooler and move out of the way. Open the seal of the full bottle, while it is sitting on something. Lift the full bottle and flip over quickly, so that the narrow end (where you took off the sealed cap) fits in the opening of the cooler. Adjust to make sure it is centered and balanced on the cooler. Enjoy

What does a mechanic use to lift a car?

twin post lift scisor lift floor jack bottle jack

Is more water better for water rockets?

The additional volume will provide a greater reaction mass, but with a smaller space remaining for the pressurized air that actually provides the thrust energy. Experiments with the volume of water should provide clues to the optimum amount. NOTE : at no time should the air pressure in the pressure chamber exceed the MAXIMUM SAFE PRESSURE.

How do mass and inertia make it easier to pick up an empty juice bottle than a full juice bottle?

The principal of inertia merely says that a body will remain ar rest until moved by a force. The force required to lift a bottle has to be equal and opposite to the force of gravity pulling it down which is proportional to its mass. So the more mass in the bottle the more force required to lift it.

What is a lift pump?

This is a pump that lift a surface water to the nearby water treatment plant.