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Q: Is it possible to make a parallelogram out of six tangrams?
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How do you make a trapezoid out of six pieces on tangrams?

How to make trapezium shape using the 6 pieces of tangram

What are the six quadrilaterals?

The six quadrilaterals are a square, a rectangle, a rhombus, a parallelogram, a trapizuim, and a kite.

What are the six quaderaterals?

The six quadrilaterals are a square, a rectangle, a rhombus, a parallelogram, a trapizuim, and a kite.

How many faces of a rectangular prism have a shape of a parallelogram?

All six of them.

How many faces of a rectangular prism have the shape of a parallelogram?

All six of them.

Is a hexagon a parallelogram?

I don't believe so. A parallelogram is a quadrilateral (4 sided polygon) with two pairs of parallel sides. As you know, a hexagon has six sides.

What makes a hexagon a parallelogram?

That's like asking "What makes a Chevy a Ford ?". A Hexagon has six sides. None of them have to be equal or parallel. A parallelogram has four sides. Two of them are equal and parallel, and the other two are also equal and parallel. To take a hexagon and make it a parallelogram, you have to do some serious cutting and welding.

Is a hexagon a parrallelogram?

No, a hexagon has six sides and a parallelogram only has four sides. A parallelogram is a type of quadrilateral, or four sided shape. A parallelogram looks more like this: __ /__/ A Hexagon doesn't really look like that.

What are the names of the six quadrilaterals?

Rhombus, Rectangle, Square, Kite, Parallelogram, and Trapezoid.

What are the possible six digit combinations you make out of the numbers 1 6?

There are 720 of them!

Is a hexagon a paralllelogram?

A parallelogram is by definition made of two pairs of parallel lines; it is always a four sided figure. A hexagon is a six sided figure, so it cannot be a parallelogram.

How do you know the area of the triangle is equal to half the area of the parallelogram?

Because the triangle is three sided and a parallelogram is six sided. Hope I helped. WINNIE THE POOH

What are the four types of quadrangles?

There are actually six: Parallelogram, Rhombus, Rectangle, Square, Trapezoid and Kite

Are parallelograms hexagons?

Nope. A parallelogram has 4 sides, a hexagon has 6 (hex means six)

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What is a solid with rectangular ends and parallelogram sides?

A parallelopiped has six faces that are parallelogram - like a cuboid that has been distorted by pushing opposite vertices in opposite directions (the three dimensional equivalent of distorting a rectangle into a parallelogram). A solid with two rectangular faces would be a special case of a parallelopiped.

How many possible combinations of six numbers are possible from six numbers?

Just 1.

What do the six quadrilaterals look like?

Square, Rectangle, Rhombus, trapezoid, kite, Parallelogram. Unfortunately I can not draw them here.

What are the six steps in the decision making process?

The six steps of decisions are: state the situation, list the options, weigh the possible outcomes, consider values, make a decision and act on it, and evaluate the decision.

What are six names you could call a square?

Six names that you can call a square are rhombus, square, rectangle, kite, trapezoid, or parallelogram. All of these shapes have four corners and are known as quadrilaterals.

9999555533331111 take any six number and then plus them and make it 21?

It is not possible to make six odd numbers total an odd number, so this requires a little lateral thinking: 3 + 3 + 3 + 1 + 11, or you could invert one of the nines and make a six... 6 + 5 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 1...

What are the possible six digit combinations you make out of the numbers 1-6?


Is a hexagaon a parallelogram?

Parallelograms are quadrilaterals that have two pairs of parallel lines. Hexagons are six sided polygons, and therefore the two are not the same.

What is the largest possible sum with 2 six sided dice?

The largest possible sum with 2 six sided dice is 12.

Do twelve volt light bulbs work in six volt electrical systems?

They will only weakly glow. Make a rising transformer if it is AC, if DC it is still possible to make an amplifier.