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Yes because -24/-6 = 4

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Q: Is it possible to show -24 divide -6 on a number line?
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Is 22147483647-1 a prime number?

no because if you subtract it as you have seemed to show here then you get an even number which makes it possible to divide by 2

How do you convert percent to a fraction show your work?

Divide the percentage number by 100. It is not possible to show the working because there are infinitely many fractions and they require slightly different working.

How can you use a number line to show that 5 over 8 is greater than 3 over 8?

Divide a number line into eight segments and label each one in eighths. 5/8 will be to the right of 3/8.

How do you show 0.55 on a decimal number line?

how do you show 2/5's on a number line

How does a number line show which number is greater?

The number which is more to the right is greater (when the line is in its normal position).

How can you show Number on number line?

you put a dash where the correct number is.

A graph that sHow is data along a number line is?

line plot

A number line with marks or dots that show frequency?

line plot

How do you show 1 divided by 4 on a number line?

1/4 is equivalent to 0.25 on the number line

How do you model your equation on a number line to show your answer?

You model your equation on a number line to using a bar model.

Show the formula for popularity index?

Take the number sold of a particular menu item, and divide it by the total number of menu items.

How do you show square root of 8.47 on the number line?

First, you calculate it to the desired number of decimals. Then you place it on the number line in the usual manner.

What uses a number line to show the distribution of a data set?

Using just the number line, the only option is to draw some symbols on the number line wherever a data point is observed. It is not easy to show multiple occurrences on a one-dimensional figure.

Can someone tech me how to do math inequalities please answer as soon as possible.... can you show me how to figure it out?

same way you do equalities, just remember to change the greater or lesser than sign around if you multiply or divide by a negative number.

Can you show me a number line?

A number line is where a line is drawn with one number starting on one end and another ending it. The number on the furthest right or bottom end is the lower number and the number on the furthest left or top is the highest number.

How prove that 3208 is a prime number?

Show that only itself and one divide into it. Seriously how old are you? this is easy ...

What is the y-intercept of this line?

I'll be happy to answer that question as soon as you show me the line or reveal its algebraic description. Without that information, it's not possible to tell what the line is.

What does each line suggest?

to show how much the number is worth

How do you get a number that is hidden to show up on your caller id?

This is not possible.

Show you a negative two fifth on a number line?

This is the number -0.40, so is a little less than halfway from 0 back to -1 ■

What sHow is all possible arrays for the number of plants that bobbie purchased?

You forgot to attach the 'following sHow'

How do you represent root 3 on the number line?

I assume you mean the square Root of 3. You can't show it exactly as root 3 is an irrational number. BUT, you can show it approximately. Root 3 = 1.732... So put a mark between 1 and 2 on the number line at about 1.7.

What is 95 divide by 5 show work?

95 divide by 5 show work = 19

What is 444 divide by 4 show the work?

444 divide by 4 show the work = 111

What is 5698 divide by 4 show the work?

5698 divide by 4 show the work = 1424.5