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Q: Is it possible to write without biased?
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Is it possible to write iPod apps without the SDK?

Yes you can.

What is a biased jury?

A biased jury already believes someone is right without hearing the other side of the story.

Can you write hello world without operating system?

possible. You can write a small bios program in asm to output helloworld.

Is it possible to do the research without literature and literature survey justify the answer with suitable writeup?

Yes, it is possible to do the research without literature and justify your answer using a suitable write up.

Can you write a program without using any semicolon inside the main function?

not possible dude

Is it possible to write a C program without using preprocesser directives?

Technically yes, practically no.

Is it possible to write 15th July 2015 in 5 letters without using numbers?


Why might all biographies be biased or unbalanced despite who write them?

Thots keekees squallys

Is history biased?

To a certain extent, history is biased. You must remember, the winner of the battle gets to write about it, not the looser. Only a very skilled historian/researcher can unravel conflicting contemporary writings.

How do you write 16th April 2011 in 5 letters without using numbers?

The only way that's possible is on that day, you can write "today". You missed it.


MSNBC is not rumored to be biased, but it is possible. This can depend wholly on what kind of problems that they are dealing with, or what information they are promoting.

What is the term for favoring one race over another?

Partisan, biased, unfair are possible words.