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Q: Is it safe to get a massage when the temp outside is over 100?
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Why does this stone in the ground at my house never change temperature even when it changes temp. outside changes?

because of the temp. outside

What is the temp outside?

100000000 degrees

Where is the temp sensor on a 93 northstar?

Which temp? Oil, Water or Outside air?

How does automobile ambient temperature work?

ambient temp is the outside air temp

Where is the outside temp sensor located on a 1997 dodge ram the one that controls the temp display on the overhead console?

The outside temp sensor is located on the passenger side of grille by radiator

Air condition stop blowing and outside temp indicator stop working?

Replace the outside temp sensor first.If the car thinks it -32 outside,then the air will not work.

Is it safe to thaw lasagna to room temp?


The outside temp has been fluctuating between -40 and regular temp. AC took while to come on today when temp said -6. What is wrong?

sounds like your outside temp sensor is internally open, you will have to replace the sensor, its location depends on the model and year of your car, also the ac works in with the outside temp, if your sensor is faulty then the ac will not function properly,

What cause the check gauges light to come on in a 1991 Chrysler lebaron?

One of the gauges is outside the safe range. Check oil pressure, coolant temp, and battery voltage.

What does oc on the outside temperature gauge mean?

outside temp. that is what it means it is not a trick .

How can you make a safe prediction on a land temp and a water temp?

For land temp, wet your finger then hold it up in the air. For water temp, Dip your toe in the water>

How to Repair a ford Explorer Outside Temperature display?

my outside temp diplay is inop