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If you know how to do it properly it can be quite safe. If you do it improperly you can cause electrical fires or even electrocution.

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Q: Is it safe to repair a ripped electrical cord?
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How do you determine if an old home is in need of electrical repair or if the electrical wiring in the home is safe?

To determine if an old home is in need of electrical repair, call a professional. Either a professional electrician or a home inspector can let you know if your electrical wiring is safe and up to code.

Are cord covers safe for family use?

Cord covers are a great way to keep your child safe and your home family-friendly. Without covers or ties around your electrical cords, children may be in danger of choking or even electrocution if the cords fray. You can rest assured that your child will be safe around them.

How can you repair your microwave?

It really depends on what is wrong with the oven. If itโ€™s a countertop unit and the power cord is damaged, that is easy to repair in a safe manner. Light bulbs are also easy to replace. Beyond that, it is possible to repair them, but unless they are under warranty it is often more expensive to repair them than to replace them.

Is an extension cord safe for a dishwasher?

The electrical code considers an extension cord as a temporary device and not to be used in permanent installations. The maximum length allowed by code for flexible cord is five feet and is only to be used as a connection between stationary and equipment that moves or vibrates.

Is it safe to touch a extension cord while its plugged in?

Yes, it safe to touch a extension cord while its plugged in.

Is rs2 gold safe?

Numerous people have reported being ripped off. I would not think it is safe.

Is it safe to have an extension cord with a double adapter connecting to the extension cord?

The total current along each extension cord must not be more than that cord can take.

Is bodysupreme extreme ripped food suppliment safe for a 17 year old?


Is it possible if you are wearing rubber gloves and touch the prongs of a plugged in electrical cord is there any way the electricity could travel through the glove?

Rubber is easily torn or punctured so this would not be safe to do.

Is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation safe?

It is nonaddictive and completely safe

Are cordless phones safe?

well, there's no cord to choke on.

What bones keep your spinal cord safe?

it is called the joint

What is the primary objective of the Philippine electrical code?

As with every electrical code around the world, the primary objective is the safe installation of electrical equipment that is connected to the electrical grid. Overall the objective is keeping everyone and everything safe in conjunction with the use of an electrical supply source.

Is an extension cord safe for electric dryer?

Yes it works fine

Electrical standard to keep you safe?

In the US, NEC National Electrical Code, in Canada, CEC Canadian Electrical Code

Is sleeping next to an electrical outlet safe?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. An outlet is just a place where electricity is available when you need it. It can do you no harm whatsoever by sleeping next to it any more than sleeping next to a electrical cord plugged into that outlet and then run up to a lamp or clock next to your bed. I assume you are worried about the magnetic field created. This field is so low that it is barely detectable at an outlet.

Is it safe to use gorilla glue to repair dentures?

No it is not safe, it expands and would feel weird.

Is it safe to use copper to repair electrical fuse?

yes very safe.add. Fuse wire is usually made of tin-plated copper. The fuse wire may well get warm in service, and a bare copper wire will gradually oxidize and will fail sooner as a consequence.

Can you replace a 10 amp 125 volt extension cord with a 10 amp 250 volt extension cord?

Yes the rated voltage is a maximum. A 250 v cord might be slightly thicker than one for 125 v. <<>> The voltage rating of an electrical extension cord is the insulation factor of the cord. These cords come in two insulation ratings, 300 volts and 600 volts. If the voltage rating is within the parameters of the cord maximums then it is safe to use it on that voltage. The amperage of the cord is based on the wire size of the cord's conductor. The rating of 10 amps will fall within the #14 cord size. Remember the longer the cord the larger the wire size should be to prevent voltage drop at the connected load end.

An APW is safe to use on an electrical fire?


Is it safe to be in a car during an electrical storm?


Why is it important to follow the National Electrical Code?

To be safe

Are metal roofs safe in an electrical storm?


Is it safe to use an extension cord?

Yes, the use of an extension cord is safe, as they have been underwriter laboratory tested. An extension cord is meant to be used as a means of bringing power to a portable device for a temporary period of time. They should only to be used as a temporary fix until a permanent installation can be installed.