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Q: Is it true a person can have two faces on one head?
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One person said that a triangular prism has 5 faces that is right then another person siad that it has 4 faces how is righ?

Triangular prisms always have five faces.

What is the name of the person that sings love faces?

Trey songz is the one who sings love faces

Does triangles have 3 faces?

A true triangle is a two dimensional object, so it has NO faces at all (or maybe one). Triangles have 3 sides, but not 3 faces.

What is a one on one in basketball?

When one person plays one other person in head on head match

Why janus the god unusual?

He had two faces, one on either side of his head.

Is it true that one part of the earth always faces the sun?

yes, Alaska

What was so special about the roman god Janus?

He was the Roman god of endings and beginnings, and had two faces, one looking forward and the other back.

How do you solve the surface area of a cube?

find the surface area of one of the faces (all of the faces are the same if it is a true cube) for example if the length is 2 and the width is 2 then u multiply that and get the surface area of that then since there is 6 faces to a cube so u multiply the surface area of one of the faces by 6

What is the characteristic of true love?

True love isn't linked specifically to one thing. True love varies from person to person.

Does a pyramid have at least two congruent parallel bases?

Not true. They have only one base and several (3 or more) lateral triangular faces. A pyramid has a single vertex over a base - there are no parallel faces in any pyramid.

Is it true that you can be in love with more than one person?

No. I believe that there is only one person out there that is for you and that this person will be you other half and will complete you.

How many heads are on a quarter?

If your talking about the faces, then there is only one head, George Washington, but if you are talking about the sides, there are two. Heads and Tails