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is it true or false a biopsy is first performed for malignances only

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Q: Is it true or false a biopsy is first performed for malignancies only?
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What is the first part of the skin biopsy?

The first part of the skin biopsy test is obtaining a sample of tissue that best represents the lesion being evaluated. Many biopsy techniques are available.

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Which syllable is the primary accented syllable in the pronunciation of the medical word biopsy?

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The complications associated with a liver biopsy are usually minor; most will occur in the first two hours

Why would they do a lumpectomy without a biopsy first?

If the lump is in a delicate place, or there is a strong probability of cancer, the entire lump would be removed without a biopsy being collected first.

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The proper way to pierce the liver is do needle biopsy or aspiration biopsy. Then have patient lie on what side of the liver was first pierce.


DefinitionA biopsy is the removal of a small piece of tissue for laboratory examination.Alternative NamesTissue samplingHow the test is performedThere are several different types of biopsies.A needle (percutaneous) biopsy removes tissue using a hollow tube called a syringe. A needle is passed through the syringe into the area being examined. The surgeon uses the needle to remove the tissue sample. Needle biopsies are often done using x-rays (usually CT scan), which guide the surgeon to the appropriate area.An open biopsy is a surgery that uses general anesthesia. This means you are asleep and pain-free during the procedure. The procedure is done in a hospital operating room. A surgeon makes a cut into the affected area, and the tissue is removed.Closed biopsy uses a much smaller surgical cut than open biopsy. A small cut is made so that a camera-like instrument can be inserted. This instrument helps guide the surgeon to the appropriate place to take the sample.How to prepare for the testAsk your health care provider if you need to stop taking any medications before surgery, particularly those that can make you bleed. Such medications include aspirin, Coumadin, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs).Also mention any herbal preparations you are taking. Never stop or change your medications without first talking to your health care providerHow the test will feelIn a needle biopsy, you will feel a small sharp pinch at the site of the biopsy. In an open or closed biopsy, local or general anesthesia is generally used to make the procedure pain free.Why the test is performedA biopsy are most often done to examine tissue for disease. A biopsy may also be done to match organ tissue before a transplant.Normal ValuesThe tissue removed is normal.What abnormal results meanAbnormal biopsies mean that the tissue or cells have an unusual structure or condition.This may mean you have a disease, such as cancer, but it depends on the individual biopsy.What the risks areBleedingInfectionSpecial considerationsPlease see the following list of tests or procedures to obtain more information on why each one is performed, how it is performed, the risks, and normal and abnormal results:Abdominal wall fat pad biopsyAdrenal biopsyBiopsy of the biliary tractBladder biopsyBone lesion biopsyBone marrow biopsyBreast biopsyBronchoscopy with transtracheal biopsyCarpal tunnel biopsyCervical biopsyChorionic villus biopsyCold cone biopsyColposcopy-directed biopsyEndometrial biopsyGum biopsyLiver biopsyLung needle biopsyLymph node biopsyMediastinoscopy with biopsyMuscle biopsyMyocardial biopsyNasal mucosal biopsyNerve biopsyOpen lung biopsyOpen pleural biopsyOropharynx lesion biopsyParathyroid biopsyPleural needle biopsyPolyps biopsyRectal biopsyRenal biopsySalivary gland biopsySkin lesion biopsySkinny-needle biopsyEnteroscopySynovial biopsyTesticular biopsyTongue biopsyUpper airway biopsyUreteral retrograde brush biopsy cytology

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Digital Rectal exam; blood test for PSA level; transrectal biopsy. Only the biopsy can tell for sure if cancer is present. And it is not 100% accurate as the biopsy needle may miss the cancer on the first sampling. The test may need to be done again a few months down the road.

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