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Q: Is it true or false that the four warmest years of the 20 century all happened in the 1990?
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Has the four warmest years of the 20th century all happened in the 1990's?


True or false the years from 1801 to 1900 are called the eighteenth century?

False, the years 1700-1799 was the eighteenth century.

Did China remain politically calm during the first twenty years of the twentieth century.?


How many years in 2.5 centuries?

a Century is just 100 years, that why people say we are in the 21st century and that world war 2 happened in the 20th century, so 2.5 centuries would be 250 years

If an event happened in AD 49 When would this event happened In forty ninth century in the first century 49 years ago or before christ was born?

It would occur in the 49th century, as we are currently in the 2000th century. I am truly hoping that the first answer was a joke, but you never know. We are currently in the 20th Century, so the 49th Century has not happened yet. AD 49 is forty-nine years after Christ was born, in the 1st Century AD, from the Latin anno domini (In the Year of Our Lord). 49 BC is forty-nine years Before Christ. The AD and BC are used whenever confusion may result. Sometimes BC is substituted by BCE (Before the Common Era).

True or false that during the Washburn expedition the worlds first federally controlled national park was established?

False, it happened two years after that expedition that Yellowstone National Park was created.

Is the earth overheating?

Not at all. The first ten years of this century have been the warmest on record. 2010 was a particularly warm year. 2011 was cooler than 2010. Some people take this as a sign that global warming is cooling. This is a mistake. Weather is changing all the time but climate takes years to change. There are many spikes, up and down, in the graphs of global temperature, but the trend is continuing up.

Has Nineteen of the 20 warmest of the last 150 years have occurred since 1980?


How meany years in century?

There are 100 years in a century.

The number of congress change every six years true or false?

false it changes every 2 years

What is the most horrific event that happened in the 1500s?

Most Horrific Event in the 1500sThis is the century in which the black plague killed half of the population in Europe. This happened in the years 1548 - 1553.

Why is there a thousand years in a century?

There are not a thousand years in a century. There are a hundred years in a century. A thousand years is ten centuries.