Is juxtapose a math word

Updated: 9/15/2023
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well ^ that was a stupid answer but yes it is a math word

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Q: Is juxtapose a math word
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Is juxtapose is dealing with math?


What language is juxtapose from?

Juxtapose is a back formation of the word juxtaposition, which is a French word.

How do you spell juxtapose?

That is the correct spelling of the word "juxtapose" (to arrange for effect).

What is the base word for juxtaposition?

Juxtapose is the base word of juxtaposition.

What does juxtapose mean in Macbeth?

The word juxtapose means to put together in all walks of life not just in Macbeth.

How would you use the word juxtapose in a sentence?

This means to position next to one another. Here are some sentences.Juxtapose those two printers so that we can compare them.When you juxtapose the images, it's obvious they are not by the same artist.I will have to juxtapose the papers and compare them for plagiarism.

Juxtapose in a sentnece?

Meaning 'to position together for contrast,' the word 'juxtapose' may be used diversely in contemporary English. One example of its use is as follows: 'His choice to juxtapose images of war and peace on the same poster had the intended effect: the audience was confused and yet intrigued at the same time.'

What is the word for comparing one object is to another?

Differentiate, discern, contrast, evaluate, juxtapose, analyze.

Does juxtapose mean the same as average?

No. Juxtapose means, "next to" or "place side by side".

Sentence for juxtapose?

Juxtapose means to put side by side, so... Juxtapose the T-shirts for a better comparison. an example of its use. It's a bitter easier to use in its other forms like 'juxtaposition'.

What is a good sentence for the word juxtapose?

The class juxtaposed Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne in an essay today. -Lexi (;

What does the word jackstapose mean?

It is actually spelled "juxtapose", which means to place next to, generally for the purpose of drawing attention to a contrast.