Is kangal bigger than alabai

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bigger in height? length?weight? kangal is taller and longer than alabai, but alabai is heavier and stronger. but kangal is smarter than alabai.

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Q: Is kangal bigger than alabai
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Is the English bull mastiff bigger than the kurdish kangal?


Which is bigger kangal or great dane?


What is bigger a kurdish kangal or a great dane?

First and foremost, there isn't a dog breed called Kurdish Kangal (and neither it does come from an imaginaryregion/country called kurdistan) . It is called Turkish Kangal. It is from Kangal, Sivas, Turkey but lots of people call it kurdish kangal so who gives

What is bigger hybridwolf or a kurdish kangal?

I'd have to guess a Kangal. Since a hybrid is a cross between a wolf and a dog, it would depend primarily on which breed of dog the wolf was crossed with. Generally, I think most wolves are crossed with Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies or German Shepherd Dogs to retain the "wolf" appearance. Since all of these breeds are considerably smaller than a Kangal, as are most wolves, I think the Kangal would be bigger. Of course, if you crossed a wolf with a Kangal, or an Irish Wolfhound, then it's anybody's guess.

Who is bigger kangal or great dane?

Great dane as the name implites is great but Kangal is a clever dog also it is huff and rough dog.

Which dog is stronger a pitbull or a kangal?

Kangal, all mastiffs (including my boerboel), and Caucasian ovcharca out skill pittbull for joke. Pittbull is just overrated. It's bloody and dangerous cuz of temperature but there are few breeds way too more stronger

Who is stronger a kurdish kangal or a caucasian shepherd?

A Kurdish kangal is stronger than a Caucasian shepherd.

Who would win if they fought, a caucasian shepherd or an alabai?

The caucasian shepherd.

When was Kangal Harinath born?

Kangal Harinath was born in 1833.

When did Kangal Harinath die?

Kangal Harinath died in 1896.

Which is stronger kangal or a great dane?

A Kangal is stronger the Great Dane......

Is a kangal stronger than a pitbull?

you can get a Kangal which could weight 100 to 165 pounds train them to pull weight and still will not get the strength that a 60 pound Pit bull will pull. definitely no.

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