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I would say no, because math core is just regular math and gcse math are big tests!

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Q: Is math core the same as GCSE math?
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Is pure math normal GCSE math?


Can you drop out of English GCSE?

No you have to do English at GCSE level as it is a core subject along with Maths and Science. You get 2 GCSE's for English, 1 for language and 1 for literature. But you don't have to do English for your A-Levels after your GCSE's.

What should you take for your GCSE?

math english chemisty and physice.................

How does A level math compare to G.C.S.E math?

A Level Math grade - D GCSE Math Grade - A* (near full) That should speak for itself

What math does a marine mammal trainer need to know?

enough perhaps a Gcse.

You got level 6 in math what grade will it be in gcse?

It will be a grade C or D.

Is an 0'level equivalent to a gcse?

Yes they are the same; only GCSE'S are Modern.

How many marks do you need to get an A in math gcse?

Well i am in year 8 and I'm preparing for earlier GCSE's which i will take this year and in my practice exams i got 2 A's and i am certain that it is 72% and A* is 87% for the higher tier but you can not acquire an A in Foundation Gcse

What gcse's do you need to become a care assistant?

To become a Care Assistant you need Core GCSE's (Maths, English and Science) and in some cases you must have an NVQ Level 1 in Care.

Looking for simple solutions math book Common Core mathematics grade 5?

Looking for simple solution book math grade 5 common core math

What does core mean in math?

the pattern that start her is the example 1,2,3,1,2,3 the first 1,2,3 is the core

What is the answer to the core k12 7th grade math?