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For GCSEs, which is what they are called in the UK, mathematics is compulsory.

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Q: Is mathematics compulsory for o-levels
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Is mathematics compulsory for CA?

No math is not compulsory for CA.

Is mathematics is compulsory for neuroscience?


Should mathematics be compulsory within the education sector?


What subjects are compulsory to study for a chartered accountant?

economics,accounting,commerce, mathematics

Is matric system best or o level?


Can bio students fill nda forms?

Mathematics and physics is compulsory to enter NDA. Girls are also eligible.

Where to find result of June 2008 olevels private candidates?

What is Nigeria equivalent of gcse?

O Levels.

What subjects must taken for getting architecture?

You can take any stream out of commerce or science but Mathematics is compulsory in both streams for architecture

Why should maths be made compulsory?

Because basic mathematics is fundamental to almost every other subject and it is required in daily life

How can compulsory mathematics education for all secondary schools be justified?

Mathematics is one of the fundamental parts of knowledge. Just like being able to read and write. To not know how to do mathematics would be like not being able to read and would put you at a big disadvantage in a lot of areas of life.

Which subjects are compulsary best of five?

Marathi and English are compulsory. You can drop any one subject from Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Hindi/Sanskrit.