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No maths has decimal points, so therefore no it's not pointless.

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Q: Is maths pointless?
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Both, and science would be pointless without maths.

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algebra is just more developed and difficult maths. it may seem pointless all though it proves you have good maths skills because algebra consists of addition subtraction multiplication ect. Qualities needed for a job in accountancy and further math related jobs.

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Level A maths is the hardest maths you can get. Level B maths is not so hard and level C maths is about the same as primary school maths.

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What are the 2 thing to be kept in mind in remainder questions?

The numerator and the denominator. Without them, the whole question is pointless!The numerator and the denominator. Without them, the whole question is pointless!The numerator and the denominator. Without them, the whole question is pointless!The numerator and the denominator. Without them, the whole question is pointless!

What is additional math?

you have to pick Maths for GCSE's but you can also pick additional maths which is just more maths than normal eg you may have 5 peroids of maths a week but with additional maths you may have 9 peroids of Maths a week

Is math pointless?


Is farming pointless?


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