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A billion is a thousand times more than a million.

One billion= 1,000,000,000

One million= 1,000,000

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Q: Is million a bigger number than billion or billion is a bigger number than million?
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What is bigger than million?

Billion is bigger than million

Which one is bigger million or billion?

A billion is bigger (or greater) than a million.

Is 1 billion bigger than 22931000?

Yes, 1 billion is bigger than 22 million.

What bigger 35 billion or 42 million?

35 billion is much larger than 42 million.

Is 3223 million bigger than 30.394 billion?


What is bigger than one million billion?


How many times bigger is one billion than one million?

One billion is one thousand times more than one million.

What number is bigger than a billion?


Which number is bigger 31 billion or 6227020800?

31 billion is larger 6 billion 227 million 20 thousand 800 is much smaller than 31 billion or 31,000,000,000 vs 6,227,020,800

Are megabytes bigger than gigabytes?

No Mega means million, Giga is one thousand times bigger. (miljard or billion depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on)

Is 1GB bigger than 256MB?

Ofcourse!!! Just as how 1 billion is larger that 256 million...thats all

What is a little larger than one million?

The number that's bigger than a million is either trillion, SEXtillion, Billions.

Which is greater a million or billion?

a billion is actually 1,000 million 1,000,000 = 1 million 1,000,000,000 = 1 billion A billion is much larger than a million

Is a zillion bigger than a million?

i dont think that zillion is a number.

Is a billion more than million?

Yes, a billion is a thousand times more than a million. Billion = 1,000,000,000 Million = 1,000,000

What is a billion in the UK?

The same as a billion in the US. A thousand million.However, a long time ago, a 'British billion' was a million million, ie. a thousand times bigger than a US billion. The term 'billiard' is sometimes used to mean 'British billion' to clear up the confusion.Everybody in the UK uses the same definition as in the US though.

Is 1 billion a number?

yes it is a number because if you think about it is 1,000,000,000 one hundred million more than 1 million

Are there numbers bigger than one million?

Yes. Some examples include one billion, one trillion, and one quadrillion.

Is England bigger than the US?

The United States is bigger than England and the population is bigger.For example:United States: 310 millionEngland: 51 million(although China has over a billion)

Which is bigger million or crore?

crore is bigger than million

Which is bigger crore million?

crore is bigger than million

Is trillion bigger than a billion?

A billion is a one with nine zeros, and a trillion is a one with 12 zeros. Yes, trillion is bigger.

Why do you say 3.981013 -Can not you say 3981011 - Why?


Which is bigger billion or trillion?

A trillion is bigger than a billion. It takes 1,000 billions to equal 1 trillion.

What is 10 million more than 7 billion 470 million 100?

10 million more than 7 billion 470 million 100 is 7,480,000,100