Is moss the fastest wr in NFL?

Updated: 11/3/2022
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Depends on which moss you're talking about. Randy moss is probably second to Santana Moss.

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Q: Is moss the fastest wr in NFL?
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Is mike Wallace fastest in NFL?

he is the fastest WR in the nfl

Is Randy Moss the best WR in the NFL?

no jerry rice can tap dance all over his dumb a$$

Is mike Wallace the fastest wr in the nfl?

real fast... like a 4.3 40

Who is the NFL 2008- 2009 fastest player?

it really depends on what you think..... the top people i know that are currently the fastest in the nfl are Devin hester, randy moss, Reggie bush, and Michael bennet,.... This is based on their 40 yard dash times

Top five fastest people in the NFL?

1) Larry Fitzgerald 2) Devin hester 3) Randy Moss 4) Santana Moss 5) DeAngelo Hall

Who is the fastest runner currently in the NFL?

Fabian Washington, Chris Johnson, DeAngelo Hall, Devin Hester, DeAngelo Williams, Jerome Mathis, Daunte Hall, Santana Moss, Sinorice Moss, Randy Moss, Adam "Pacman" Jones, Champ Bailey, Michael Bennett. There are so many.

Will juilo Jones go to the NFL?

Julio Jones is rated at the second best NFL Prospect at the WR position behind WR A.J. Green.

Who won the Pro Bowl MVP in 2000?

Vikings WR Randy Moss

Who's the best WR in the NFL?

Tyreek Hill

Who has more years in the NFL Randy Moss or TO?

TO. Moss' first season in the NFL was 1998 and TO's first season in the NFL was 1996.

What is the value of a Patriots Randy Moss Plaque?

RANDY MOSS -WR- (PATRIOTS) 7 Time Pro Bowler Sig 8x10 $125.00

Who is a better wr Larry Fitzgerald ot randy moss?

randy moss is better but Larry make better one handed catches