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No. Negative numbers are less than 0.

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Q: Is negative 14 greater than 1?
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Related questions

Is -14 greater than less than or equal to 14?

Negative 14 is less than 14 because a positive integer is always greater than a negative integer. EX: -16 is less than 1

Is negative four greater than negative one?

No, -1 is greater than -4

Is positive 1 greater or less than negative 5?

It is greater.

Is -15 greater than -14?


What is an odd factor of 14 greater than 1?

7 is an odd factor of 14 greater than 1

Is negative 1 greater than or less than negative 1 over 2?

-1 is less than -1/2.

Is plus 4 greater than or less than -1?


Is 14 greater than 15?

14 is less than 15. 1/4 is greater than 1/5, if that is what you meant.

Is negative 1 and 1 greater than negative 1 and 4 and 5?


Is negative 1 greater or less than negative 5?

-1 is greater than -5. Think of it as moving to the right on a number line. Those numbers to the right are greater than those to the left.

Is 0.34 greater or less than negative 1?


Is 14 percent greater than one eighth?

14% is 12% greater than 1/8 .

Is negative 10 greater than negative 1 in pre-algebra?

No because -10 is less than -1

Is negative 3 sixth greater than negative 1 sixth?


Is negative 1 greater than 0?


The set of negative integers greater than - 6?

The negative integers greater than -6 are: -5, -4, -3, -2, -1.

Is 1 or negative 1 greater?

In standard mathematics, 1 is greater than -1. This is written as 1 > -1

Is 9 out of 14 greater or less than 1 out of 2?

9/14 is greater.

Is negative 7 greater than negative 1?

no.. -7<-1 i.e "negative 7 is less than negative 1" ------------- negative numbers like -1 are less than 0, making any number after -1 even lower than 0 making the lower up negatives like -1 greater than higher number negatives like -7

Is the fraction negative 1 third greater than the decimal negative 0.3?

No, it is not.

Is negative 1 425 greater than or less than 1 210?

It is less than it.

If you multiply 6 by 14 will your answer be greater or less than 6 Explain?

If that is 14, then it will be greater than 6 as you are multiplying by a number greater than 1. If that is 1/4, then it will be less than 6 as you are multiplying by a (positive) fraction less than 1.

If variables have a negative association then is this correlation less than negative 1 Or between negative 1 and 0 Or between 0 and 1 Or just greater than 1?

Between -1 and 0.

Is negative 1 greater than 13?

no, -1 <13

What has a numerator greater than its a denominator?

It can be a fraction less than -1 (num negative, den positive), or greater than or equal to 0 (both negative or both positive).