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-1 is greater than -5. Think of it as moving to the right on a number line. Those numbers to the right are greater than those to the left.

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Q: Is negative 1 greater or less than negative 5?
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Related questions

Is negative 1 greater than or less than negative 1 over 2?

-1 is less than -1/2.

Is positive 1 greater or less than negative 5?

It is greater.

Is negative 1 425 greater than or less than 1 210?

It is less than it.

Is 0.34 greater or less than negative 1?


Is negative 14 greater than 1?

No. Negative numbers are less than 0.

What decmial is less than negative 18 and greater than negative 1?

none. all numbers, decimal or integer, less than -18 are also less than -1.

Is negative 10 greater than negative 1 in pre-algebra?

No because -10 is less than -1

Is plus 4 greater than or less than -1?


What numbers have reciprocals less than 1 and greater than 1?

Numbers greater than 1 have reciprocals less than 1. Numbers less than 1 have reciprocals greater than 1.

Is -14 greater than less than or equal to 14?

Negative 14 is less than 14 because a positive integer is always greater than a negative integer. EX: -16 is less than 1

When will the quotient of two fractions less than 1 be greater than either fraction?

Yes. Consider two negative fractions. Since they are negative, both are less than 1. But their product is positive and so greater than either.

Is negative 7 greater than negative 1?

no.. -7<-1 i.e "negative 7 is less than negative 1" ------------- negative numbers like -1 are less than 0, making any number after -1 even lower than 0 making the lower up negatives like -1 greater than higher number negatives like -7

Is -4 greater or less than -3?


Is negative 3 over 9 greater than less than or equal to 1 over 200?

Negative 3 over 9 is less than 1 over 200 because it is a negative number, and negatives are always less than positives.

What has a numerator greater than its a denominator?

It can be a fraction less than -1 (num negative, den positive), or greater than or equal to 0 (both negative or both positive).

If variables have a negative association then is this correlation less than negative 1 Or between negative 1 and 0 Or between 0 and 1 Or just greater than 1?

Between -1 and 0.

Is 5.410 to the negative 1 power more or less than 9.610 to the negative 4 power?

5.410-1 is greater than 9.610-4

Is 0.3 less than or greater than 1?

0.3 is less than 1.

Is -012 a negative correlation?

No. A correlation coefficient cannot be less than -1 (or greater than +1)

What 4 numbers are less than 2 and greater than negative 1?

1,0 and -1, there are only those 3, not 4.

What number is 2 below -6?

your answer is -8 remember when you are counting negative numbers the more negative the number is the less that actual value is... Ex. Negative 5million is less than Negative 1 Negative 11 is greater than Negative 5hundred trillion Negative 9 is greater than Negative 10

True or false the opposite of a number is less than the number?

False. Apart from the fact that there is no such thing as an opposite. If, by opposite, you mean negative (additive inverse), then start with a negative number. The negative of this will be positive, and so greater. If by opposite you mean the reciprocal (multiplicative inverse), start with a positive number less than one or a negative number less than -1.

Is negative four greater than negative one?

No, -1 is greater than -4

Is it true that when you multiply a number by another number less than 1 you get a product greater than the first number?

No a negative time a positive equals a negative.

Why is -1 the greatest negative integer?

There are no whole negative numbers greater than -1. Therefore, -1 is the highest negative whole integer. It can be thought of this way: When positive integers get larger, an amount is greater, but when negative integers get larger, the amount is less, so -1 is the greatest negative integer.