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Q: Is negative 1 greater than 0?
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Related questions

If variables have a negative association then is this correlation less than negative 1 Or between negative 1 and 0 Or between 0 and 1 Or just greater than 1?

Between -1 and 0.

Is negative 14 greater than 1?

No. Negative numbers are less than 0.

Why negative a is greater than 0?

If a < 0, then -a > 0. For example, if a = -1, then -a = -(-1) = 1 > 0.

How can negative 1 be greater then 0?

multiply both sides by "negative 1" (or any negative number excluding 0). This would make the side on -1 become a positive number. Any positive number would be greater than 0.

Is negative 7 greater than negative 1?

no.. -7<-1 i.e "negative 7 is less than negative 1" ------------- negative numbers like -1 are less than 0, making any number after -1 even lower than 0 making the lower up negatives like -1 greater than higher number negatives like -7

Is zero greater than negative one equal?

Not sure what the "equal" on the end is for but zero is greater than negative one. -1<0 0>-1 -1<0<1

What has a numerator greater than its a denominator?

It can be a fraction less than -1 (num negative, den positive), or greater than or equal to 0 (both negative or both positive).

What is the difference between positive and negative integers?

The integers are {..., -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, ...}. The positive integers are those greater than 0 and the negative integers are those less than 0. Note that 0 is neither positive nor negative.

Is negative 3 bigger than 0?

Any NEGATIVE number is SMALLER then 0, or less in value(-1,-2,-3...) BUT COUNTING numbers are GREATER than 0 (1,2,3...)

What is the greatest -1 or 0 in integers?

Zero is greater than negative one.

Is positive 10 greater than negative 2?

Positive 10 is greater than negative 2. A good way to help visualise is to imagine a number line with 0 in the middle. 1,2,3,4 head off to the right, and -1, -2, -3, -4 head off to the left. The further the right a number is, the greater it is. So 6 is greater than 2. 8 is greater than 0, and 10 is greater than negative 2.

What is 10 the the 0 power?

I'm guessing you mean, "What is 10 to the 0th power?"The answer, of course, is the same for 10, as it is for anything else, 1, because numbers greater than 1 to a negative power are less than 1, but greater than 0, and numbers greater than 1 to powers between 0 and 1 are between 1 and that number.

Is -1 greater than 0?

No; 0 is greater than -1.

Is negative four greater than negative one?

No, -1 is greater than -4

What numbers have reciprocals less than 1 and greater than 1?

Numbers greater than 1 have reciprocals less than 1. Numbers less than 1 have reciprocals greater than 1.

Is negative 3 greater than negative 1?

No, It is less. Look at this: -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 smaller................bigger The larger the negative number, the smaller it gets, because it is getting more negative.

Is 0 greater then negative 1?


What are all integers greater than negative 4?

x = {-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4...}

Is negative 9 greater then positive 1?

No. 1 is greater because it's above 0.

Is positive 1 greater or less than negative 5?

It is greater.

What is the set of negative integers greater than negative six?

-5,-4,-3,-2,-1 we do not include 0 because it is not a negative number. If the question said non-positive integers we would add 0

If 2 is less than 3 then -2 is greater than -3 Why?

The number line is drawn so that the positive numbers are to your right and negative numbers to your left. As the numbers move from right to left they become smaller. As the question states, 2 is less than 3 (or 3 is greater than 2). 2 is greater than 1 1 is greater than this stage the numbers change from positive to negative 0 is greater than -1 -1 is greater than -2 -2 is greater than -3.......and so on. If this 'direction' rule was not applied then a situation could occur where 2 was greater than -2 (which is the normal rule) and also -2 is greater than 2 which would create absolute confusion.

Is plus 4 greater than or less than -1?


What are all the negative integers greater than negative 7?

-6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1. They are all on the right of -7 on the number line so they are greater than -7.

Is negative 1 greater than or less than negative 1 over 2?

-1 is less than -1/2.