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Yes it's closer to zero

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Q: Is negative 29 greater than negative 42?
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Related questions

Is negative 42 greater than negative 24?

No. Negative 24 is greater than Negative 42.

Is integer negative 42 greater than negative 24?

No it is not.

Is negative 42 greater negative 24?

No, -42 is actually less than -24.Here is the "pedestrian" way of solving that problem:If the terms have the negative sign, then the least value is the one that has the greater magnitude than another. For instance, 42 has the greater magnitude than 24, but with the negative signs, -42 is less than -24.

What is 42 plus negative 29?

42+(-29) = 13

What are prime numbers greater than 20 but less than 42?

23 29 31 37 41.

Im a two digit number in a square number is greater than 29 and less than 42?


What are all multiples of 6 that are greater than 29 and are also less than 50?

30, 36, 42, 48

What are the prime numbers greater than 20 but less than 42?

The numbers 23, 29, 31, 37 and 41 are prime.

What 2 digit number is a square number less than 42 but greater than 29?

2 digit number which is square number less than 42 but greater than 29 = 36square numbers are 2, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49,...

What number is greater than - 24 -42 -27 -16 or -30?

Assume we want to find the number greater than -24.The greatest value of all of these negative integers is the one with the least magnitude. The value with the least magnitude is 16 since 16 < 27, 42 and 30. If we assign the negative signs for these integers, then -16 is considered to be the greatest of all integers given. Therefore, -16 is greater than -24.

Is 42 oz bigger than 2 lb?

42 oz. is greater than 2lb.

Which is greater or lesser -25 or -42?


Is 420millimeters greater than or less than 4.2 centimeters?

greater10mm=1cm420 divided by 10=4242 > 4.2

Why is 42678 is greater than 42.067?

The number line goes from negative to positive and is usually depicted from left to right. The further left of zero a number is, the more negative it is. The further right a number is of zero, the more positive it is. A number is "greater" than another number if it lies further to the right on the number line. So 3 is greater than 1, which is greater than -7. 42.067 is a decimal between 42 and 43 on the number line. 42678 is more than a thousand times larger than it. We say 42678 is GREATER than 42.067, and 42.067 is LESS THAN 42678. :)

The number is greater than 1?

I don't know, the answer is 42. And, 42 &gt; 1.

Is -42 greater than -18?


What could be the length of the third side of a triangle that has two sides of lengths 13 cm and 29 cm?

To create a triangle, the sum of the two shorter sides must be greater than the third side. If the side of length 29 cm is the longest side then the missing side must be greater than 29 cm - 13 cm = 16 cm If the missing side is the longest side then the missing side must be less than 29 cm + 13 cm = 42 cm Thus any length that is greater than 16 cm and less than 42 cm. Examples include: 17 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm, 36 cm, 41cm

What should you do if a remainder is equal to or greater than a divisor?

Increase the whole number by 1, and subtract the value of the remainder from the divisor. For example - if you had the total... 99 &amp; 42/29.. you would rewrite it as 100 &amp; 13/29

What is greater 42 over 9 or 5 over 9?

42/9 is much greater. 42/9 is the same as 4 and 7/9 (since 9 goes into 42 4 times with 7 left over). Since 5/9 is less than 1, clearly 42/9 is much greater. 7/9 alone would still be greater than 5/9. But since it's not just 7/9, but 4 and 7/9, it is obviously greater than 5/9.

Write the number that is one hundred times greater than 42?

the number that is one hundred bigger than 42 is 142

What is negative 25 minus negative 42?

A minus negative acts like a plus. -25-(-42)= -25+42 Different signs means find the difference of 17 and put the sign of the greater absolute value. So positive 17 is your answer.

Is 42 greater than -34?


How many times greater is 4.20 than 42?

Just divide 4.20 by 42, to find out.

Is 17 greater than 442?

17 is less than 442 1/7 is greater than 4/42

is -29/16 or -42/23 wich on is more?

Since these are negative numbers, the smaller value is closer to zero and therefore &quot;more&quot; so -29/16 is more.