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-2/3 is a rational number

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Q: Is negative 2 3rds rational
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What is negative 2 3rds times negative 6?

positive 4.

What is is a negative rational number?

Any negative number that can be written as a fraction is rational. For example, -1 and -1/2 are both rational, but negative Pi isn't.

Can a rational number be a negative integer?

Yes, -1/2 is a rational number and it's also negative.

The product of 2 negative rational number is?

A positive number, and also rational.

Can negatives be rational?

Yes, negative numbers can most certainly be rational. A rational number is simply a number which can be expressed as a fraction. An example of a negative rational number is: -1/2

Is negative 2 numbers rationals?

-2 is a rational number.

Is negative 16 over negative 2 a rational number?

Yes any number that can be expressed as a fraction is a rational number

What is 2 3rds plus 2 3rds?

One and a 1/3

Is negative 3 over 2 rational?


Is negative one half rational or irrational?

The number -1/2 is a rational number, a negative integer divided by a positive integer.

What is 238 divided 2 3rds?

238 divided 2 3rds is 357.

Can rational numbers not be negative?

Rational numbers can be negative or positive.

Compare these rational numbers negative 8 over 2 and negative 4?

- 8/2 = - 4

Is negative one half a rational number?

Yes, -1/2 is a rational number

What is 4 and 2 3rds as an improper fraction?

This is 14/3rds

Is -2 rational explan me why?

-2 is rational. It can be expressed as a ratio/fraction of 2 integers (can be negative or positive), and -2 = -2/1 or -4/2.

Is negative two fifteenths a rational or irrational number?

- 2/15 is the ratio of -2 and 15, or of 2 and -15 ... nice and rational.

Are all rational numbers negative?

Negative numbers can be rational but not all negative have to be rational. It all depends if they can be put into a fraction.

Is a negative number a rational number?

Not necessarily. There are negative irrational numbers, such as negative pi, negative square root of 2, etc.. Some negative numbers that are rational include -2, -13, -8, -4/7, -241/39 etc.

Is negative 2 over 5 a rational number?


Is negative 16.987 rational?


What is 6 and 2 3rds minus 2 and 2 3rds?

6 2/3 - 2 2/3 = 4

How does 7 3rds compare to 2 1 3rds?

7/3 = 2 and 1/3

Is the negative square root of nine rational or irrational?

It is rational. It is rational. It is rational. It is rational.

Is the number negative 5 rational or irrational?

the answer is rational.