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No. All natural numbers are whole numbers greater than zero. Think of natural numbers as the numbers you count with. 1 2 3 4 5 6... and so on.

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Q: Is negative 5 a natural number?
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Related questions

Explain why negative 5.0 is an integer?

The integers are all the natural numbers and their negatives and zero. So 5 is a natural number and negative 5 is its negative. That makes it an integer.

Can a natural and a whole number be negative?

no a natural number must be positive

Is -3 a natural number?

-3 is NOT a natural number. It is a negative integer.

What is a whole number that is no a natural numbers?

A negative integer is a whole number but not a natural number.

Can a decimal number be a natural number?

No. Natural numbers are the non-negative integers.

Is negative 1.4 a natural number?

No. The natural numbers are positive.

What is a number that is an integer but is not a natural number?

Negative numbers are not natural, but there are negative integers. Examples are -1,-2,-3,-4, and so on. These are all integers but none of them is a natural number.

What is a negative number multiplied by a negative number?

A negative number multiplied by another negative number equals a positive number. For example, -5 · -5 = positive 25.

Is -5 a non-negative rational number?

No, -5 is a negative, rational number.

The difference of two natural numbers is always a natural number?

No. The difference can be a negative integer which is not a natural number.

Is a fraction and a negative number natural numbers?


Difference between natural number and integer?

natural numbers can not be negative. integers can be both positive and negative.

What is the whole number that is not a natural number?

Any negative whole number.

What is the only whole number that is not a natural number?

Any negative whole number is not a natural number - so it is not "the only".

Is negative 6 a natural number?

No becsuse it is not a counting number

Is 87 a natural number?

Since a natural number is defined as a whole, non-negative number, 87 would indeed be a natural number.

Can natural numbers be negative?

No. Natural number {1, 2, 3, ...}.

Does a negative number minus a positive number equal a positive or a negative?

A negative number minus a positive number equals a minus number( E.G -5 - [+]5 = -10)A negative number minus a negative number equals a positive number ( If the number's big enough)(E.G -5 - -5 = 0 )Hope this helps :)

Is negative 9 a natural number?

No, Negative Nine or -9 is not a natural number since natural numbers mean only those numbers which start from 1 to infinity. No negative integers are included in this category of numerals.

Is negative 21 a whole or natural?

It is a negative whole number which is the same as an integer

Is 5 a negative number?

Five is not a negative number. It is odd, but if you put a - in front of it, it IS negative.(Negative numbers are always preceded by a negative sign, like -5.)

Does a negative number and a negative number equal a positive?

yes because 5-5=0

What kind of number is -45?

A negative Number

What numbers are a whole number that is not a natural number?

The set of negative integers.

An integer that is not a a natural number?

negative numbers or 0