Is negative 5 bigger than negative 7?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Is negative 5 bigger than negative 7?
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Is negative 7 is bigger Than 6?


Is negative 7 greater than negative 5?

No negative 5 is greater than negative 7. Remember, when you go right on a number line the amount of what you have gets bigger. If you go left on the number line the amount you have gets smaller. In terms, think of this. If you were sitting at $-5, how would you get to negative $-7? You'd go left(spend)? So this means that the amount is getting smaller.

What is bigger 5 8 or 7 10?

7/10 is bigger than 5/8.

Is 5 over 8 bigger than 7 over 20?

Yes 5/8 is bigger than 7/20

What is bigger 5 8 or 7 15?

The fraction 5/8 is bigger than 7/15

Is five bigger than -7?

Yes. Any positive number is bigger (greater than) any negative number.

What is 7 less than negative 5?

7 less than -5 is -2

A positive number minus a positive number is always positive?

no not always. as long as the first number is bigger than the second number. if it is not, the answer is negative. 7-5=2 5-7= -2

Is 7 bigger than 5?


Is negative 7 less than negative 5?

Yes, negative 7 (-7) is less than negative 5 (-5). Negative 5 is closer to zero, which makes it a larger number. ________________________________________________________________ Yes it is, and I am going to explain why it is by using sweets: Let's say you have 7 bags of sweets, If I came and took 7 off you, and then took another 5 of you that would be -5, if I took another 2 off you, then it would be -7, meaning that -7 is greater than -5.

Is negative 7 higher than 5?


What is bigger five sevenths or five eigths?

5/7 is bigger than 5/8