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Q: Is negative 5 greater than positive 0?
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Why negative a is greater than zero?

Negative a is greater than, equal to or less than 0 depending on whether a, itself, is less than, equal to or greater than 0.

Is a negative greater or less than a positive number?

A negative number is less than a positive number. Think about it this way: a negative number is less than 0. A positive number is greater than 0. Therefore, a negative number must be less than a positive number.

Why positive is greater than negative?

A number A is said to be greater than another number B is A - B is more than 0. If A is positive and B is negative, then A - B is always positive and so each positive number is greater than each negative number.

Is 0 greater than a positive or negative number?


Is 51 negative?

No. 51 is positive. (It is greater than 0).

What has a numerator greater than its a denominator?

It can be a fraction less than -1 (num negative, den positive), or greater than or equal to 0 (both negative or both positive).

Is negative 8 greater than 0?

0 is in the exact middle of the number line. All positive numbers are to the right of 0 (greater than 0) and all negative numbers are to the left of 0 (less than 0). So no, -8 is not greater than 0.

What is the difference between positive and negative integers?

The integers are {..., -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, ...}. The positive integers are those greater than 0 and the negative integers are those less than 0. Note that 0 is neither positive nor negative.

How can negative 1 be greater then 0?

multiply both sides by "negative 1" (or any negative number excluding 0). This would make the side on -1 become a positive number. Any positive number would be greater than 0.

Write a program to check a number is negative or positive?

write a program to convert any positive number to negative number .

Is positive 10 greater than negative 2?

Positive 10 is greater than negative 2. A good way to help visualise is to imagine a number line with 0 in the middle. 1,2,3,4 head off to the right, and -1, -2, -3, -4 head off to the left. The further the right a number is, the greater it is. So 6 is greater than 2. 8 is greater than 0, and 10 is greater than negative 2.

If A and B are real numbers and A is less than 0 and B is less than 0 then is AB less than or greater than 0?

Greater than zero because any negative number times a negative number equals a positive number.

What is greater negative 2 o positive 3?

Positive 3 is > 0 while, negative 2 is < 0. So positive 3 > negative 2.

Does a negative number plus a positive number equal a positive?

Not if the negative number is greater than the positive. If the positive number is greater than the negative, it logically follows that the resulting number would be positive. Example: -2 + 1 = -1 -2 + 2 = 0 -2 + 3 = 1

Is negative 0 less than negative 6?

no 0 is neither positive or negative

Is a negative fraction greater than 0?

Anything that is negative is less than 0. That's the meaning of negative.

What is negative zero?

Zero is neither negative nor positive. By definition, a positive number is greater than zero. Similarly, a negative number is less than zero. Zero itself does not fit into either of those categories, and is thus neither negative nor positive; it is neutral. "Negative zero" then, is equal to -1 × 0, which equals 0.

What are negative integer and positive integer?

Negative integers are integers less than zero, like -1, -2, and -500. Positive integers are integers greater than zero, like 1, 5, and 73. Sometimes, 0 is regarded as a positive integer. Depending on the kind of math you're doing, it may also be regarded as neither positive nor negative, or there may be two "kinds" of zero: positive 0 and negative 0, usually written +0 and -0.

Is 0.07 greater or less than negative 7?

0.07 is greater than -7 because anything below 0 is negative while 0.07 is actually greater than 0

Which one is greater 0 or -15?


Is negative 9 greater then positive 1?

No. 1 is greater because it's above 0.

What is greater than 0 plus?

All positive numbers are greater than zero.

Maths what does positive mean?

In maths there are positive and negative numbers. Positive numbers are all numbers that are greater than 0. e.g. 1, 9, 234, 0.123 Negative numbers are identified by a negative sign e.g. -2, -100, -2.75

The number 0 is a positive integer?

No. Positive means GREATER than zero.No. Positive means GREATER than zero.No. Positive means GREATER than zero.No. Positive means GREATER than zero.

Why is the sum of a positive integer and a negative integer is always negative?

It isn't always negative. ... for example: -5 + 12 = 7 (a positive number) -5 + 2 = -3 (a negative number) -5 + 5 = 0 (neither negative nor positive) If the negative number has greater magnitude than the positive number, the sum will be negative If the positive number has greater magnitude than the negative number, the sum will be positive If the negative and positive numbers have the same magnitude, the sum will be zero.

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