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Negative 5 is three units greater than negative 8.

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Q: Is negative 8 greater or less than negative 5?
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Related questions

Is negative 5 greater to or less than negative 4?

Negative 5 is less than negative 4.

Is positive 1 greater or less than negative 5?

It is greater.

Is -7 greater than -2?


Is negative 1 greater or less than negative 5?

-1 is greater than -5. Think of it as moving to the right on a number line. Those numbers to the right are greater than those to the left.

What is a number that is greater than negative 15 and less than 5?

0, for example.

Which of negative 5 or negative 3 is greater?

Negative 3 is greater than negative 5

Is negative 13 greater than negative 5?

No because -5 is greater than -13

Is negative 6 greater than negative 5?

No because -5 is greater than -6

Is negative 8 greater than negative 5?

No because -5 is greater than -8

What integers are greater than negative 5 but less than 4?


Is negative 5 greater than positive 3?

No. It's 8 less. A negative number is always smaller than a positive number.

Is 6 fifths greater or less than 3 thirds?

6/5 is greater than 3/3 by 1/5

Is -15 less than or more than 5?

Less. Although "15" may be more than 5, the negative sign means that the "15" is actually less than 0. Since 5 is greater than 0 and -15 is less, -15 is less than 5.

Is negative 2.5 hiher than negative 5 or neative 5 higher tha negative 2.5?

Depends what you mean by higher. Minus 2.5 is greater than minus 5 because you have to add 2.5 to -5 to get there. On the other hand, a bank account summary showing a negative amount is showing a higher debt than a smaller negative amount. The word higher is not used in Math. Use "greater than" or "less than". And you have to add positive numbers to get to a number "greater than".

What is the answer of negative integers greater than 5?

There are no negative integers greater than five.

Is 5 less than or greater than -5?


Which is more -5 or -1?


Is -34 greater than -29?


What is greater than 4 but less than 5?

well it is 6 because 6 is greater than 5 and less.

What is a positive plus a negative?

The answer will take on the sign of whichever numeral is greater, regardless of sign. 5 + -3 = 2 5 is greater than 3, the answer is positive. 5 + -7 = -2 7 is greater than 5, the answer is negative.

What negative integer is greater -5 or-9?

-5 is greater than -9

Is 4.6 repeating greater than 5?

no 4 is less than 5. Even 4.9999999999999 is less than 5. 5 .001 is greater than 5

Is negative 30 greater than negative 5?

No. It is 5 times smaller.

Is negative 5 greater than 3?

No, as that 3 is positive, and negative 5 is not.

Is 4 over 5 greater than or less thanzero?

Since there are no negative signs, and the expression is clearly not equal to zero, it's greater than zero.