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no, as -8 is a negative meaning its below 0

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Q: Is negative 8 greater than 5?
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Related questions

Is negative 8 greater than negative 5?

No because -5 is greater than -8

Is negative 8 greater or less than negative 5?

Negative 5 is three units greater than negative 8.

Is negative negative 4 less than greater than or equal to negative 8?

-4 is greater than -8.

What are the negative integer greater than -8?

-1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 and -7 are all greater than -8

Does a positive plus negative equal a negative?

If the positive number is greater than the negative, it's a positive. Ex: 8 + (-3) = 5 If the negative is greater though, then the answer is a negative. Ex: 3 + (-5) = -2

Is negative 8 greater than positive 8?

No, negative 8 is less than positive 8.

Is negative 5 greater than positive 3?

No. It's 8 less. A negative number is always smaller than a positive number.

Is 6 less or greater than negative 8?

Plus 6 is greater than -8

Is negative 8 greater than negative 2?

No, negative eight is less than negative two.

Is negative 8 greater than 8?

No, because a negative is never bigger than a positive number. So -8 is smaller than +8.

Is 5 8 greater or less than 3 8?

5 8 is greater than 3 8.

Is negative 6 greater than negative 8?


Is negative 8 greater than negative 10?


Is negative 6 less or greater than negative 8?

Negative 6 is greater than negative 8 because -8 is 8 less then 0 and -6 is only 6 less then zero..

Is positive 8 greater than negative 17?

All positive numbers are greater than all negative numbers.

What are the odd negative integer that are greater than -8?

In order of greatness they are: -1 -3 -5 and -7

Which is greater negative 1 over 8 or negative 5 over 6?

negative 1 over 8

Is 0.2repeating greater than the square root of 8?

It is greater than the negative square root of 8, but smaller than the positive square root of 8.

What does negative minus negative equal?

It depends If the first negative (lets say -12) is less than the second (-8), than the answer is still ngative, just greater than the first number ((-12)-(-8)=(-12)+8=-4) If the first negative (lets say -3) is greater than the second (-5), then the answer is positve ((-3)-(-5)=(-3)+5=2) This is because when you subtract a negative number, youre really multiplying it by -1 and adding it to the first. ((-1)x(-3)=-(-3)=3)

What is 2084 rounded to the nearest 100?

It is: 2100 because 8 is greater than 5 so you round up

Which is greater negative 8 or negative 12?

negative 8 is greater

Is 5 bigger then -8?


Is -9 greater than 8?

No because -9 is negative so it's less than zero, whereas 8 is greater than zero.

What are all the negative integers greater than negative 7?

-6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1. They are all on the right of -7 on the number line so they are greater than -7.

Is 8 greater than negative 12?