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Q: Is negative eight equal to eight?
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Does negative eight plus negative three equal?

Negative eight (-8) plus negative three (-3) is equal to negative eleven (-11). It is the same as -8 - 3.

What does negative eight times negative seven equal?


Does negative eight plus negative three equal negative eleven?

Yes, it does.

What is negative 8 plus 8 equal?

negative eight plus eight equals zero

What is negative 8 over 2 simplified?

Negative eight over two is equal to negative four.

What does positive seven minus negative eight equal?


What is a Number divided by eight that is equal to negative four?


What does negative six times negative two point eight equal?

-6 multiplied by -2.8 is 16.8

What is negative eight to the second power?

-8^2 is equal to 64.

Does six minus eight equal negative two?

yes of course!

Is negative 8 less than or equal to eight?

less than

What does x minus six equal to negative eight equal?

If: x-6 = -8 then x = -2

What does eight plus negative eight equal?

8+-8=0 Very Simple... -8 is eight below zero. 8 (+8) is eight more than zero

Does a negative plus a negative equal a negative?

Negative plus Negative would equal positive in Maths. like this: -7 + -8 = 1 Because you're adding a minus It Will Not Equal a Positive it will Equal a Negative. -7+-8= -15. Because you are adding a negative to another negative. If the problem was -7+8= 1. Because you are taking seven out of that eight. If It were to be multiplication than a negative TIMES a negative would have been a positive(-8 x -7=56). And a negative TIMES a positive would be a negative (-8 x 7=-56).

What does negative seven minus positive eight equal?

(-7) - (+8) = -7 -8 = -15

What is a negative eight plus negative eight?

-16 .

Is negative eight greater than fourteen?

no, negative eight is less than positive 14. negative eight is greater than negative 14

What is the sum of 4 and negative eight?

The sum of four and negative eight is negative four.

What does negative 7 plus negative 7 equal?

Equal negative 14!

What numbers equal negative 5?

negative 5 is equal to negative 5

What does a negative subtract a positive equal?

a negative subtracted by a positive will always equal a negative.

A negative plus a negative equal?

A negative plus a negative will always equal another negative.

How do you multyply integers?

when you have a negative times a negative it will equal a positive but when you have a negative times a positive it will equal a negative no matter what!

Why does negative and negative equal positive?

A negative and a negative does NOT equal positive.For example(-7) + (-7) = -14 which is not positive!

What does a negative plus a negative equal?

A negative+ a negative= to a negative number.