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It is a mixed number, expressed as an improper fraction.

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Q: Is nine sixths a mixed or whole number?
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Related questions

What is nine sixths as a mixed number?


How many sixths are in 3 halves?

There are nine sixths because one whole equals six sixths and one half equals three sixths. So, six sixths plus three sixths equals nine sixths! Hope I helped!

What is 59 over 6 as a mixed number?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 59/6 is equal to 9 5/6 or nine and five sixths.

What is nine twenty sixths in a number?


What is 100 over 18 as a mixed number?

Five whole five over nine

What is seven and five twenty fourths plus nine and five sixths?

17 and 1/24 or 409/24 depending on whether you want a mixed number or an improper fraction.

What would the mixed number be for nine tenths?

the mix number for nine tenths will be i dont know. MORE INFO. A mixed number is always a greater quantity than 1. A mixed number is a quantity which contains Whole numbers AND a Fraction. EXAMPLE : Two and three quarters, or Twenty six and five eighths, are called 'Mixed Numbers' because they contain , a Whole number AND a Fraction sitting side by side. 2 and a quarter can be expressed as nine over four (9/4) It is now called an Improper Fraction. When expressed as 2 1/4 it is now called a Mixed number.

How do you write fifty-nine as a mixed number What is fifty-nine halves as a mixed number?

59 cannot be written as a mixed number while 59 halves as a mixed number is 29 and 1/2.

What is nine fives as a mixed number?

Nine fives is 45. As a mixed number that is 450/k where k is ANY non-zero number.

What is sixty nine and seven tenths as a mixed number?

Sixty nine and seven tenths as a mixed number = 697/10

What is a mixed number?

A number written as a whole number and a fraction. Like 4 and 1/2A mixed number is when you put a whole number with a fraction-5 1/2 for example if you had 4 1/2 this is what you do...1.(4x2)=82.when you have the answer to 4x2 + the numerator. (8+1= 9)3.So the nine becomes the numerator- 9/2a mixed number is something that's is a fraction but u got a whole for example: 21/2a mix number is when there 's a fraction and a whole number . thank you hope this help you lots

What is forty-two out of nine as a mixed number in simplest form?

Forty-two out of nine as a mixed number in simplest form = 42/3

What is five sixths of nine?

You just multiply five sixths by nine. 5/6 * 9=

What is 9.0122 rounded to the nearest whole number?

It is 9 rounded to the nearest whole number

What is nine and five sixths plus six and five sixths?


What is nine fourths in a mixed number?

9/4 as a mixed number is 2 and 1/4

What is a mixed number for forty nine over nine?


What is 3 and 5 sixths minus 2 and 6 sixths?

nine tenths

Is seven sixths equal to nine eighths?


Is nine ninths a mixed number?

No, it is an integer.

What is nine quarters as a mixed number?


What is the simplified answer of nine and three ninths as a mixed number?

nine and one-third.

What is twenty nine over nine as a mixed number?

3 and 2/9

What is forty eight over nine as a mixed number?

It is 5 and 1/3 in its simplest form as a mixed number

Can you express nine ninths as a mixed number why or why no?

No, mixed numbers are greater than one.